Our best tips for treating cellulite

For some cellulite is a complex, for others not. If it is not a complex for you and you love your body as it is, it's just as perfect. You never feel forced to change to comply with what you can see in an article or on social networks. Our goal is simply to help those who want to change for their own happiness.

So, if cellulite bothers you and you would like to treat it, we share in this blog our best things as well as the products to be used to decrease it!

Treatment at the O'Terra house

The range of Quebec products O'terra offers complete treatments for the body to do at home which make it possible to deal with different problems such as cellulite, retention of Water, scars, stretch marks and much more!

Among these different products, we find a Trio which is a key treatment for cellulite. It includes The firmness balm for the Body , the suction cups < /span> for the body as well as Roulette . This combination helps to go and destroy the capitons that cause apparent cellulite, then helps dislodge water retention in the tissues.

Suction cups, roulette and balm firmness o'terra cellulite treatment and parikart water retention

In order to obtain the maximum result, you must do treatment Every day for 30 days, around 10 minutes a day. Once the cure has been passed, we suggest doing the treatment from time to time in order to maintain the results.


 The O'terra Parikart Roulette Water Retention

designed to massage in depth, the Roulette Help to unclog the tissues, activate blood circulation and Draw water retention. This tool is perfect for people who work for a long time in the same position, for those who feel a heaviness in their legs or for those who make water retention and who feel fatigue and sensitivity. Roulette is used on all parts of the body (belly, arms, thigh, calves, etc.)

suction cups

 O'terra suction cups for the body parikart cellulite

your ultimate ally for cellulite! The o'terra suction cups are effective regardless of the type of cellulite (adipose, aqueous, mixed or fibrous). They work on the degradation of the body's fat cells and dislodge orange skin. They therefore bring a marked decrease in cellulite in addition to improving blood circulation for smoother and more elastic skin.

Firmness balm for the body

firmness balm is designed to be complementary to suction cups and roulette. It helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, water retention in addition to burning cell fats. It helps maximize skin firmness effects. Due to its silky and non -oily texture, the balm penetrates slowly in the skin to allow it to be effective throughout the treatment with the tools.

Some additional things!

1. Do physical activity

Not only is she good for your body, but it also does a lot of good in mind! Physical activity makes it possible to maintain good muscle strength in addition to activating blood circulation. Combined with O'terra treatment, physical activity helps to have optimal results for cellulite!

Our best things to treat cellulite

2. Adopt a balanced diet

Having a balanced diet is a very good thing for your health, but also an excellent ally to combat cellulite and water retention. Indeed, the balanced diet will bring to your body all the essential nutrients it needs to function properly. A diet rich in fiber and low in salt, sugar and fat is optimal for decreasing and fighting cellulite. On the other hand, cellulite not being linked to the weight, it is useless to lose weight to reduce its appearance.

3. Stay well hydrated

If you are dehydrated, your body will tend to retain water, which causes adipose cells to swell and promotes the appearance of cellulite. Hydrate well will therefore help your body drain the toxins well. It is also an excellent idea to limit your consumption of salt and refined sugar, both of which cause fluid retention in adipose cells.

 our best things to treat cellulite

isn't that enough?

come to try our treatments from Radiofrequency ! Radioifrequency is a very high frequency electromagnetic wave emission which pass through the skin and which produce heat in the subcutaneous tissues. The heat produced will act in depth, without burning the skin. This treatment makes it possible to go and treat in depth of the skin and to go stimulates the production of new collagen, which improves firmness and skin tension and which deals by the very fact.

We offer radiofrequency at Parikart à Lévis with the apparatus Venus Freeze, as well as parikart signature in Saint-Romuald with the endy med .

Make an appointment with Parikart Lévis at (418) 838-6600 or the signature parikart at (418) 839-2555. We will be happy to offer you a free consultation with our advanced aesthetic manager!

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