For us, it's important to have an impact beyond beauty. At Parikart, we love giving back and offering support to those who need it. As our field and our clientele are predominantly female, it is important for us to support women in different situations in their lives where they need to feel supported.


Since 2019, we have supported the Fondation Jonction pour Elle, which is a shelter for women victims of domestic violence and their children. The mission of the junction is to bring about a change in mentality surrounding domestic violence in addition to helping women and children who are victims of it. It is important for us to support the Junction for Her in order to help these women feel free to be themselves and to be well. This constant support is a way of highlighting their courage and giving them the self-confidence and energy necessary to get through these difficult events.

March 27, 2019

Donation of $700 to the Jonction pour Elle during a beauty event with a business neighboring Parikart Signature.

September 26, 2019

Welcoming the women of Jonction pour Elle in the salon to offer them a day of being pampered and receiving the services of their choice. Our priority on this day was to make them feel important and show them that they deserve to be taken care of.

December 2019

Donation of several gift bags containing beauty products for Christmas to the women of the organization. Gift bags were given to women members of the foundation as well as their children.

October 2020

Donation of several hundred Parikart satin bathrobes to the Jonction pour Elle.

March 2021

Donation of $250 to the Jonction pour Elle on the occasion of Mother's Day.

January 2023

Jean-Sébastien, marketing director at Parikart, accepts a position on the Board of Directors of the Jonction pour Elle Foundation to be able to become more involved in the cause on a voluntary basis

Since September 2020, Parikart is proud to be associated with the organization Vide ta sacoche which collects hygiene and cosmetic products for vulnerable people in need. The organization carries out several annual campaigns and then redistributes the products collected to several vulnerable women through different organizations with which it is associated. Our two beauty salons are harvest points for the body. We also donate numerous products each harvest to make a difference in the lives of more women.

A concern for quality and durability

For more than 29 years now, Parikart's mission is to offer its customers the best, which is applicable for services and products.

Before selling a new brand, we make sure to always test the products to be convinced of their effectiveness, their performance and to ensure that they suit the needs of our customers. It is unthinkable for us to sell products when we do not believe in their potential and effectiveness.

September 2020

Beginning of the association with the organization and start of the harvest for the 2020 holiday campaign. Jean-Sébastien, the marketing director at Parikart, proudly becomes the first and only male ambassador of the organization.

October 2020

Donation of hundreds of satin bathrobes worth more than $20,000 to the Empty your bag foundation. Our bathrobes were given to around fifteen foundations, organizations and other support programs helping women victims of domestic violence, women struggling with various difficulties, young mothers in need, etc.

November 16, 2020

End of the first harvest of products. In total, more than $5,000 in products were donated to the organization.

March 2021

Donation of more than $650 in products to the organization for Mother's Day. Vide ta sacoche gave gift bags to mothers who are members of several associated foundations in order to send them a dose of love for the occasion.



Why should a woman with short hair pay more for a haircut than a man with the same length of hair? This is a question that the two co-owners Hélène & Sylvie had been asking themselves for many years before taking the plunge. Gender pricing is a way of thinking that is well-established in the beauty field, but seems less and less innocuous the closer you look at it.
We make sure to communicate well with our partners. During business relationships, it is important for us to have an agreement where both parties are winners and interested in the partnership.

Since the beginning of hair salon concepts and multi-service salons, prices have been based on gender. Women generally have higher prices for services than men. It's a pricing system that may seem logical considering that women often have longer hair than men, but it's not flawless or universal.

Why do it now?
We had been thinking about making the transition for several years, but as our artists' schedules are planned several months in advance, it was difficult to make the change in a clear and structured way, without negatively impacting some of our clients.

With the closure of beauty salons caused by COVID-19 in March 2020, we were able to implement and structure the new pricing method to make the change when reopening in June 2020.

This change was a great success, and we are proud to be among the first in our field to operate this way for greater fairness! We hope to serve as an example in the field and encourage other salons to also make this important change in 2021.