The success of a company is based, among other things, on its decisions, the coherence of its actions and its relationships. At Parikart, we have always been anxious to make quality choices, both for our products, our services and our suppliers in order to offer the best on the market. This concern for transparency and equity is reflected in all the facets of the company.

Our suppliers: a careful choice

Hair darlings, comforters, satin bathrobes, silk pillowcases and several other new products to come! Since 2020, The Parikart brand has been developing to offer our customers suitable products adapted to demand.

During the long product manufacturing process, the choice of suppliers is the most meticulous and important step for us in order to ensure that the choice is consistent with our values ​​and our corporate philosophy. It is essential for us to work with Quebec or Canadian companies when possible. We collaborate with many local companies, especially in the manufacture of our package shipping supplies, our lip exfoliatants and for several other projects still secret!

when it is more difficult to work locally , we consider several criteria when choosing our suppliers. The working conditions of employees, respect and equity, the workplace, the standards and accreditations of companies and several other factors influence the choice of our suppliers. We do regular follow -ups to have the certainty that all operations take place ethically.

a concern for sustainability and quality

For more than 27 years now, Parikart's mission is to offer its customers the best, which is applicable for services and products.

Before selling a new brand, we make sure to always test the products to be convinced of their efficiency, their performance and to make sure that they are suitable for the needs of our customers. It is unthinkable for us to sell products when we do not believe in their potential and their efficiency.

During the design of new products from The Parikart brand , we take care to inform ourselves on techniques of design, materials and the activity sector in order to fully understand the product, the issues that surround it and make the right choices. We neglect no details to offer the best. We want to offer sustainable and quality products, which can be used for many years.

strong and sustainable business relationships

At Parikart, good relations with our partners are the key to the success of the company. We believe that relationships, communication, support, mutual aid and respect will allow all parties to be winners and maintain good long -term relationships.

We make sure to communicate well with our partners. During business relations, it is important for us to have an agreement where the two parties are winning and interested in the partnership.