Our beginnings

It was in 1994 around a dinner that the story of Parikart began. The two co-owners, Hélène Paré and Sylvie Picard already had a lot in common at that time: the love of the field of beauty, the need to evolve personally and professionally as well as the desire to exceed their limits and grow. continually. Despite their two personalities and their completely different characters, their vision and their goal were always the same, that is to say to build something great and lasting, to create a distinctive concept in the service of beauty, to respond to customers looking for advice and listening in addition to finding effective beauty products and services. This is the mission that has guided Parikart for over 29 years already!

What does Parikart mean?

Parikart is the mixture of the names Paré and Picard linked by a “K” which represented scissors in the company's very first logo. The beginning of the name recalls “Paris”, which is for the two co-owners the place par excellence for trends and fashion. The purpose, which is “Art”, highlights the artistic side of the field.

After numerous moves over the past 29 years, Salon Parikart Espace Beauté is now located in the heart of downtown Lévis. It was in 2018 that the second branch of Parikart was created, the Parikart Signature, which is an even more luxurious and specialized version of Parikart.


For more than 29 years now, Parikart's main mission has been to offer customers the best to meet their needs. Whether in terms of services or products, the customer is our priority and we always make our decisions with this in mind. Our teams work tirelessly to offer a service and an experience that people will not be able to find elsewhere. It is important to us that the customer feels that they are our priority and that they are the most important thing, here, now, in the present moment.

For us, the beauty industry we work in goes far beyond appearances. The superficial side of the field is emphasized a lot, whereas we believe that the most important thing is the feeling of well-being, satisfaction and confidence that a person can feel who is comfortable in their own skin. For several years, we have adopted the slogan "Beyond beauty", because beyond beauty, there are people, there are emotions, there are talents, passions and there are There is much more than what is visible to the naked eye. We work with emotions and feelings to get people to do things for them in the quest for real well-being. For Parikart, it is time to undo ideals and standards to build something new and thus encourage people to think and see beauty differently by focusing mainly on acceptance. For us, the most beautiful thing is someone who feels free to be who they are by taking full responsibility for themselves.

And internally...

Internally, Parikart's main mission is reflected in the transmission of knowledge. We firmly believe that training, knowledge and understanding of the field is what allows us to offer our clients the best there is. For us, advice and listening are the basis of a unique experience. Each client deserves to be advised according to their needs and to feel that they are understood, respected and that we are working for them. It is important for us to transmit our knowledge, to explain and to educate. When someone says to us, “Why haven’t I ever been told that before?” ", it is the sign that we have accomplished our mission.

Your experience: our priority

Since the launch of our online store, we have worked to ensure that there is no gap caused by digital. We want to offer the same unique experience and exceptional service online as we do in store. The online experience begins with personalized advice 7 days a week by chatting with our professionals via chat or private messages. We make sure we have efficient shipping so your package gets to your home as quickly as possible.


The start of a great adventure...

Opening of the first Parikart salon in St-Henri, on the south shore of Quebec

1996 - 1998 - 2005 - 2013

Numerous moves and expansions to finally be located in the heart of downtown Lévis since 2013

A whole new concept in the region.

Start of our multi-service concept with boutique.

Parikart has become a national leader in Kérastase in just a few years!

Arrival of Kérastase exclusively on the south shore of Quebec.

A great innovation in our field

Launch of our first online store.

New exclusive services in the region

Opening of a second branch: Parikart Signature

A current and inclusive message of beauty that will garner nearly a million views.

Launch of the Free to Be Yourself campaign

A first in the field of beauty

Winner of the Pléiades in the Service Business and Retail category

100% fair pricing

Complete change to the appointment scheduling and service pricing structure.

A need for space comes with growth

Moving to a warehouse and setting up administrative offices.

The best customer experience in Canada

Parikart wins the Kérastase Platinum Service Award

The field of beauty recognized in the business world: mission accomplished!

Winner of the Company of the Year and the Le Performant prize at Les Pléiades

Finalist in the category alongside Ameublement Tanguay, Yoga Fitness and NovAxis Solutions, it’s quite an honor for Parikart

Winner in the Retail and e-commerce category at the Fidéides gala