Are Kérastase products worth the price?

This is probably one of the questions that are asked most often! This is true, Kérastase products are more expensive than the majority of other hair products on the market. But are they worth it? We answer the most honest way in this blog and bonus we give you more affordable alternatives so that you can still take care of your hair with quality products while respecting your budget!

kerastase, are we paying too expensive?

The most honest answer you can give you is no, you don't pay too much. The reason is simple: the performance of these products is unrivaled. Kérastase is in a separate competition with regard to the quality of the products. Beyond the treatment that these products provide to your hair, the full experience is more than wonderful. Odors, textures, choice ... There is nothing comparable on the market. Kérastase products are luxurious, but we don't only pay for the brand. Here are some examples of customers who talk about it.

"The products are really worth the cost. We see the difference at the first washing. »
- Amélie (value of products purchased: $ 225)

"New extraordinary products. A very pleasant fragrance. A superb result. I love »
- Christiane ( Product value purchased: $ 224)

"I love excellent product !!! We can see the change quickly on our hair! »
- Nathalie (Product value purchased: $ 250)

we can conclude beyond any doubt that Kérastase products are worth their price. We have more than 3550 reviews on our site and an average of 9.8/10. However, we are very aware that they are not suitable for everyone's budget, which is why we have the ideal alternative for you!

redken: a perfect alternative to kerastase

There are 3 reason that make Redken the perfect alternative to Kérastase

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