Genesis Homme: Notify hair loss!

Hair loss is a very common factor, both in men and in women. After launching Genesis to combat hair loss linked to fall or scrap in women, Kérastase now offers Genesis Homme, who targets hair loss in men. These actually performing products slow down the hair loss process and will also create an environment favorable to growth, all to help keep strong and healthy hair longer!

Discover This brand new range combining both performance and aesthetic!

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hair loss factors

Before talking about solutions, it is important to return to the base and to understand the causes of hair loss in men. These different causes can be internal or external. Among the internal factors, we speak in particular of genetics and hormones. Although they are uncontrollable, it is possible to thwart them and prevent them by starting treatment at a young age. Once the hair bulb is no longer there, we unfortunately cannot do anything about it, which is why prevention is the key!

on the other hand, as regards external factors, we then speak of pollution, UV rays or free radicals that will have damage to hair fibers. Life habits also have an important role to play. Tobacco consumption or an inadequate diet can reduce the capacity of cells to regenerate and thus harm the growth and health of the hair follicle.

The role of collagen in hair loss

Once the hair fiber is refined, the hair is more likely to fall since it is lower. Premature hair loss is generally accompanied by a hardening of the sheath surrounding the hair follicle. Collagen with a scalp accumulates and stiffens, which prevents the hair from anchoring securely at the root. The hardened sheath and puts pressure on the bulb, which hinders the microcirculation supposed to transport nutrients to the hair. Insufficiently nourished, the follicle becomes very small, which gives a refined and weakened hair fiber which tends to fall prematurely.

3 key ingredients

in The Genesis Homme range , it is the ginger root, creatine and amnexil that are allies to have a thickening double action and fortifying. Genesis formulas incorporate Madagascar ginger, which is known for its protective effect against external aggression factors. As for the Aminexil, it is included only in the anti-fall serum. He inhibits the hardening of the collagen around the hair follicles, which softens the collagen and allows the hair follicle to an anchor, thus reducing the fall. Finally, creatine, a special addition to the men's range, is a molecule that promotes the creation of electrostatic bonds in the hair cortex, helping to rebuild and strengthen its interior structure.

a range of 5 products


The Genesis for Men's range offers two baths to meet different needs. The Daily force bath is an excellent shampoo to be used daily for all hair types. He deeply cleans hair in addition to strengthening it. As for thickening mass bath , as its name says, it is a shampoo that works more on the mass and the 'Hair thickness.


the serum

The fortifying anti-fall serum is a must to fight hair loss. Formulated with creatine, ginger root and Aminen, this serum solidifies the hair from the root, fight against the fall and stimulates growth in order to obtain a denser and voluminous hair. This serum strengthens, stimulates and invigorates the scalp. The Aminexil, the star ingredient of this serum, anchors the hair follicle to allow the hair of the rest rooted.

Kérastase Genesis Man Loss of hair

thickening strength spray

The thickening strength spray is a styling spray that helps hair recover their thickness in addition to giving them more Force. this span formulated with creatine and ginger root repulp and strengthens the hair, giving them a texturing effect that facilitates styling. Suitable for weakened hair subject to thinning, it gives volume, thickens and texturizes fiber to offer a denser hair mass, stronger and easier to comb.

Kérastase Genesis Man Loss of hair

texturizing wax

The texturizing thickness wax is a styling wax that instantly thickens the hair and allows you to style it as desired. This wax containing creatine and ginger root will allow you to shape your hair in addition to densifying and strengthening your instantly strengthening hair. It offers a flexible outfit and a mattifying effect for a very natural look.

Kérastase Genesis Man Loss of hair

Treat yourself to complete hair regeneration

Although the products of the genesis men's range are ultra-efficient to prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair already in place, certain treatments are also offered to regenerate cells and offer more results.

the Fotona laser, a device available at the living room Parikart Signature , allows to perform Capillary Regeneration Treatment > consists in going to increase blood influx in the scalp and by the same fact stimulating cellular metabolism resulting in hair growth. Here is a result obtained from one of our customers!

a complete treatment plan

Treat yourself to Capillary regeneration treatment complete 7 treatments and receive 4 maintenance products at home for maximizing the results. The 4 products are a suitable shampoo of the genesis man range , the fortifying anti-falling serum, the thickening force spray as well as the soothing scrub, which exfoliates, soothes the scalp and maximizes the effect of serum.

Do you want to make an appointment or have more information on hair regeneration? Call us now at (418) 839-2555.

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