aesthetic medicine: the different options!

Both with filling agents and neuromodulators, several options are available to you. Our goal is to offer you a harmonious, beautiful and natural face and a more rested, younger and happy look!

"I loved my aesthetic experience with the doctor. As was a novelty for me, he took the time to explain the intervention to me and make me comfortable. I will return to it with confidence! »

- Marie, 62 years old

Filling agents

With age, cell renewal decreases, which causes collapse and loss of volume. Fortunately, the filling agent can help you find your protruding cheeks, decrease or even eliminate your dark circles, and much more! Pay attention to the fine lines which appear gently, they then turn into deep wrinkles which sometimes leave traces. Treating them quickly eliminate the chances that they leave their marks on your face!

The best known treatment that requires the filling agent is the injection of the lips. Our doctor in clinic is a specialist in injections in Quebec. Rested, young and happy: here are elements on which we work on so that your face represents your real you !

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Neuromodulatory injections (better known as Botox) are another way to prevent signs of age visible on your face. The feet of geese (wrinkles on the eye area), the glabella (lion ride), expressions of expressions and others are areas treated with neuromodulators. The injection of neuromodulators is also a solution to eliminate expression wrinkles which are caused by repeated face contractions.

did you know that : We call the neuromodulators " botox " since it is the most commonly known company of neuromodulators. It is the same principle as to call cotton swabs "q-runs"!

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Lifting treatment with tensor wires

The tensor wires are a new technique of aesthetic medicine that is both innovative and attractive, because it takes place without surgery and without scars. It does not require any incision.

The lift obtained is the result of the healing mechanism which will contract the skin and stimulate the formation of collagen around the small cones contained on the wire.

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The complete medical and aesthetic treatment of varicose veins

Varices are damaged veins of the legs which cause poor circulation or inverted circulation. Although sometimes complexing by their color, they can hide from the greater traffic problems. Note also that they may be invisible to the surface of the skin. It is for this reason that we should not take them lightly. An ultrasound can be necessary to identify the dilated veins in order to assess their depth.

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