Both with fillers and neuromodulators, there are several options available to you. Our goal is to offer you a harmonious, beautiful and natural face and a more rested, younger and happy look!

Possibilities in aesthetic medicine:

- Lip injection
- Correction of dark circles
- Definition of the jaw
- Lifting the eyelid or cheeks
- Reduction and prevention of wrinkles
- And more!

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With age, cell turnover decreases, causing sagging and loss of volume. Fortunately, the filler can help you regain your protruding cheeks, reduce or even eliminate your dark circles, and much more! Pay attention to fine lines that appear slowly, they then turn into deep wrinkles that sometimes leave marks. Treating them quickly will eliminate the chances of them leaving their marks on your face!

The most well-known treatment that requires filler is lip injection. Our clinic doctor is a specialist in injections in Quebec. Rested, young and happy: here are the elements we work on so that your face represents the real you !

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Neuromodulator injections (better known as Botox) are another way to prevent the signs of aging visible on your face. Crow's feet (wrinkles around the eyes), the glabella (frown lines), expression lines and others are areas treated by neuromodulators. The injection of neuromodulators is also a solution to eliminate expression lines which are caused by repeated facial contractions.

Did you know : We call neuromodulators “ Botox ” since it is the most commonly known neuromodulator company. It's the same principle as calling cotton swabs "Q-Tips"!

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