Genesis: overcoming hair loss

Did you know that 88% of women suffer from hair loss at one time or another from their lives? Although it can be very scary for the person who undergoes it, hair loss is normal. The good news is that it is easy with the right products and when you understand what it is caused by. Whether it's hair loss from the root or the loss caused by breakage, we explain what can cause it and we give you solutions to overcome it!

hair loss

Human Being loses an average of 50 to 100 hair per day. This loss is offset by the growth of new hair. The hair fibers in the last phase of life represent approximately 15% of our hair. The natural transition between growth and the fall of a hair is two to four months. When the loss exceeds growth, we then speak of alopecia which means that the balance is deregulated.

in women, several causes and factors can disrupt hair growth and weaken roots: stress, hormones, pregnancy, certain diseases, physical training Intense, new eating habits, the environment and without forgetting genetics.

It is difficult to prevent hair loss due to all these internal and external factors that influence it, but it is possible to take means to limit the damage. The goal is to slow down their fall, stimulate the growth of new hair and make this hair stronger and densest.

brittle hair

Hair breakage can be caused by daily stress, which is caused by mechanical and external factors such as styling, heat and pollution. The brittle hair is recognized by white forks, visible all over the hair, which give a straw effect. You can also notice several wicks in the brush or on the counter after styling, for example. This is the part of the hair that breaks because of its fragility.

tips for countering hair loss

1. Eliminate irritants

You should know that several daily irritants can affect the health and growth of our hair. By eliminating them from our routine, we will already see progress.

2. Use a thermal protector

then, the heat of styling tools like dryer or iron can be very damaging for hair. This is why it is super important to use a thermal protector every time we use heat on our hair. The the hydra -Forifier bath

The anti-fall fortifying bath is designed for fine hair with oily or normal tendency. Its ultra-delicate formula detoxifies the scalp and hair fiber by eliminating sebum and pollution particles. You will love the volume and shine that this shampoo brings!

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the Nutri-Fortifying Bath

The nutri-formative bath is a fortifying anti-fall shampoo intended for dry and/or thick hair. Its rich formula detoxifies and nourishes the scalp and hair fiber. He provides intense nutrition and disentangles the hair with delicacy, without weighing it down.

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the reinforceur fondant H4>

This high-fall fortifying treatment is the perfect complement to Genesis baths. It instantly strengthens the hair fiber, which decreases the fall in length. The fondant provides nutrition and hair force while making it easier to disentangle. He leaves the hair soft and shiny!

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The reconstituting mask

The reconstituting mask is a counter-fall fortifying mask which intensely regenerates the hair fiber. It nourishes, hydrates, smooths the hair and facilitates detangling. Just let it be posed from 5 to 30 minutes and then rinse to have smooth and shiny hair. The mask is undoubtedly one of our favorite products!

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Thermal defense H4>

Genesis thermal defense is a high-speed streaming product. This without rinsing treatment guarantees protection against heat in addition to moisturizing and strengthening. It facilitates the drying and hair styling while helping to prevent the forked tips and to seal the cuticle. It is also an excellent detangling to use even when you do not use heat afterwards!

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the Fortifying Anti-Cheute serum

Anti-fall fortifying serum is a daily use serum that improves hair resistance to fall and maximizes their beauty. It will soften the collagen accumulated with a scalp to facilitate and stimulate the growth of new hair and stronger hair.

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Fortifying anti-chest bulbs H4>

Genesis bulbs are an anti-fall fortifying treatment specially designed for intensive hair loss periods. Their unique concentration of targeted ingredients acts to reduce hair loss and create an optimal environment for future fiber growth.

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To make the most of the range of the range, we offer Routines adapted according to the different hair types. It is possible to shop just here And thus overcome hair loss! If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write to us, our online advisers are always available to answer you.

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