Extentionist: the key to long, healthy hair

At least 78% of women dream of having long hair. However, keeping a good length without the spikes being damaged or breaking is an arduous task. We reveal our best secrets to you so that your hair grows and remain beautiful!

Did you know that hair grows on average one centimeter per month? However, it is often the impression that they no longer grow. The reality is that they continue to push, but they break in length because they are damaged or broken. Damage prevention is therefore the key to obtaining long and healthy hair.

The best tips for long hair

1. Cut the tips

We often tend to want to avoid scissors when you start to have a good length of hair. On the other hand, it is important to get rid of dull and forked tips. By cutting only the brittle spikes, the hair is invigorated and pushes in health. This is how the results are most visible.

2. Avoid heat

To avoid damaging our hair, we must stand away from irritants such as heat. This can crack the cuticles and thus make the hair more fragile and conducive to flake. If we still want to use heat in our hair, it is essential to apply a thermal protector beforehand like Extensionist thermal of kerastase .

3. Use good products

The best way to keep healthy hair is to use suitable products that will help it be stronger and more resistant.

The extension range

In 2018, Kérastase responded to the demand of women to have long hair by offering the extension resistance range. The range dedicated to hair looking for beautiful lengths has two main goals, to repair the damage to the past and prepare healthy new lengths. By its various ingredients such as creatine, taurine and ceramides, extension will work both on the roots and the length and the tips.

Extewardness bath H4>

This strengthening shampoo which is aimed at hair with slow regrowth and damaged lengths cleanses and strengthens. It improves the environment of the root of the hair and makes the center of the fiber more resistant. In addition, it protects collagen and helps fight the deterioration of the fiber.

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the extension fondant H4>

This fortifying revitalizing is the perfect complement to the bath since it will also improve the environment of the root of the hair and make the center of the fiber more resistant . He will also come and seal the cuticle uniformly from the root to the tip.


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The extension mask H4>

This fortifying mask is designed a powerful mixture of creatine and ceramids and has highly efficient hair properties. It is a perfect complement for a complete treatment for slow regrowth hair and damaged lengths.

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The extension serum

This strengthening serum for scalp and hair strengthens fiber from the root. It restores the cuticle to protect the fiber during growth. The ceramids it contains will stimulate hair growth in roots while regenerating the scalp cells.

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extension thermal H4>

This gel-cream protects your hair from the heat from styling tools. The product seals the cuticle on the surface of the capillary fiber and the thermo-Seal frosting it contains protects the hair from heat up to 230 ° C while reducing the breaks by 93%.

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Having beautiful healthy lengths now has no secrets for you! Some

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