Resistance: to the rescue of damaged hair

damaged hair is one of the main concerns in women. They are quite easy to recognize: they are often dull, break easily and are also very porous. Here are all our things to take care of it and finally say goodbye to the forked tips.

Hair weaken for several reasons and several factors. First, the external environment such as light, heat, humidity and pollution has a direct impact on hair. Then, obviously, chemical and physical aggressions such as coloring, discoloration, folding can be damaged the hair faster. Finally, we do not detach ourselves from genetics. The hair can be naturally lower. Fine hair is generally more fragile.

dry or damaged hair?

Dry or damaged hair can sometimes be confused since they are alike on several aspects. The damaged hair is distinguished by their dull pace, their lack of elasticity, their porous appearance as well as their forked points which is divided into two, sometimes even in three. Dry hair also has a dull look and a sensitivity on the lengths, but does not separate at the forefront and is very inclined to static electricity and to have a grichou appearance.