Nutritive : a must for dry hair

50% of women around the world say they have dry hair. The hair dryness directly affects the quality and appearance of the hair. This is why we demystify the causes and we give you products and suggestions produced to find softness and shine on a daily basis.

Dry hair will be difficult to untangle, rough, dull and lack flexibility and softness. Very dry hair, meanwhile, is unchecked and, once dry, seem to be rough, dull and forks. Factors like static electricity are also signs of a lack of hydration.


Several causes explain dry hair. First, cold, heating and temperature fluctuations help dry out the hair. Then genetics is also an explanation. It is possible to have naturally dry or very dry hair. Finally, external and internal aggressions such as too hot hair dryer, intensive brushing, pollution, chlorine, stress and more do not help the hair dryness.

dry or damaged hair?

Dry or damaged hair can sometimes be confused since they are alike on several aspects. The damaged hair is distinguished by their dull pace, their lack of elasticity, their porous appearance as well as their forked points which is divided into two, sometimes even in three. Dry hair also has a dull look and a sensitivity on the lengths, but does not separate at the forefront and is very inclined to static electricity and to have a grichou appearance.

The best tips to avoid hair dryness

1. Use a silk pillowcase

Silk helps maintain natural or artificial hydration of skin and hair. Being three times less absorbent than cotton, silk is the textile to prioritize for dry hair. The Masquintense of the Nutritive range of kerastase is Specially designed for dry hair looking for intense nutrition.

3. Dry your hair at low temperature

Reduce the temperature of its dryer and reduce the frequency of use of heated tools will have large benefits on dry hair. Otherwise, we apply a thermal protector before each use such as thermal nectar of the nutritive range in kerastase.

4. Use night care

The night is an ideal moment to treat and treat hair. The average sleep of 8 hours allows the nutrients to penetrate completely into the hair and to deeply treat the hair fibers. It would then be a shame to do without it! the serum> At night in the nutritional range provides 8 hours of hydration in the hair! It gives shine, in addition to making hair soft, shiny and silky! It is ideal for dry hair in lack of hydration.

The KĂ©rastase Nutrient range

The nutrients of KĂ©rastase targets three levels of drought and makes hair soft and soft to the touch. Mainly, nutritional products provide 72h anti-scheres action and give shine, nutrition and flexibility to hair.

the irisome nutritive range

The Irisoma nutritive range is perfectly suitable for normal to very dry hair. It acts both on the loss of nutrition of the hair and its oxidation in order to provide lasting nutrition and fight drought. The Irisome complex provides complete nutrition reinforced with antioxidant protection.

the satin bath 1

The satin 1 bath is a nutritious shampoo for normal to slightly dry hair. It eliminates the residues and deposits a veil from the Irisome complex. It feeds from the root to the tip to leave the hair soft and silky. It is ideal for slightly damaged fine hair!

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the satin bath 2

The satin 2 bath is a nutritious shampoo for dry and sensitized hair. It eliminates residues and deposits a veil from the Irisome complex. It feeds from the root to the tip to leave the hair soft and silky. It is perfect for normal to thicker hair.

To get you the satin bath 2, it's just here < /A>.

Vital milk

Vital milk is a nutritious fluid for normal to slightly dry hair. It feeds the hair fiber from the root to the tip and softens the hair while retaining their lightness. It is one of the lightest conditioners at KĂ©rastase.


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the Masquintense

Masquintense is an intense nutritive treatment for dry and sensitized hair. It is available in two versions, either one for thick hair and the other for fine hair. He leaves the hair nourished, shiny and silky to the touch.

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Thermal nectar

Thermal nectar is a lustrating nutritive milk for dry hair. It instantly smooths imperfections, polite and nourishes the fiber. It protects from heat up to 180 ° C and makes the enhancement twice as fast.

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the night serum 8h

The 8 -hour night serum is a nourishing night serum for dry hair. It provides 8 hours of night nutrition to give sublimated, soft, easy to style and protected hair. The hair absorbs it 100% for a feeling of lightness in the morning. This serum is definitely one of our favorite products!

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The masterful nutritive range

The masterful nutritional range is addressed to severely dry hair, lacking shine and which are very difficult to disentangle. It contains an even more powerful and nutritious high concentration complex than irisome.

The Magistral Bath

The masterful bath is a very hydrating shampoo that is suitable for severely dried hair. It gives hair their natural hydration, eliminates impurities and intensely nourishes hair so that they find softness, flexibility and shine.

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the masterful fondant

The masterful fondant is a nutritious fluid for severely dryed fine hair. He deeply nourishes the hair to leave it soft. Light, flexible and easy to disentangle.

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the masterful mask

The masterful mask is an intense nutrition mask for thick and severely dried hair. It feeds in depth and leaves the hair soft and light to the touch in addition to facilitating styling and detangling.

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the masterful cream

The masterful cream is a nutrition balm for severely dried hair. It provides intense nutrition and gives vitality, flexibility and shine to fiber. It also contains thermal protection. Can be applied to dry or humid hair, e lle makes it possible to smooth the hair and make it mild.

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If you want to offer a complete treatment to your dry hair, we offer several Routines whether in the Irisoma or Master Nutritive range. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write our online advisers to us are always there to answer your questions.

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