Discipline: dealing with unruly hair

Did you know that discipline is the third concern of women around the world? In an ideal world, you want to have disciplined, fluid, soft and shiny hair while retaining their movement. The good news is that it is possible if you know how to take care of it and when you use the right products.

54% of women have hair swelling with humidity and most of them use a flat iron to remedy it, which does not help to improve the long -term problem. The indiscipline of the hair is due to the state of the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair). The scales are peelled and therefore the hair is more porous and loses its flexibility. The porosity of the fiber accentuates the sensitivity of the hair to humidity and therefore to frizz. The unequal surface of fiber also complicates styling. The key is therefore to repair the hair in depth while making it waterproof to humidity.

unruly hair tips

1. Use a silk pillowcase

Silk pillows limit the friction of the hair against the pillow, which helps maintain their natural hydration during sleep and thus avoid frizz, breaks and hair loss. The Kérastase thermal keratin .

3. Hydrate your hair

Just like for the skin, hair needs hydration. If the hair fiber is dehydrated, the frizz will make a bad pleasure in taking place on the top of our head. To feed the hair in depth and repair it, the right tip is to make a mask once a week. The

The Kérastase Discipline range

Fluidalist discipline

This range is aimed at stiff or curly unruly hair looking for a smooth moving effect.

the flue A>

Fludicistic bath is a smooth sulfate-free shampoo for discipline and hair fluidity. It provides 72 hours of anti-frytis and anti-humidity protection. It is suitable for all hair types: fine, normal or thick. It helps restore and protect the hair fiber. There is also a sulfate -free version of this shampoo.

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the flue fondant H5>

The flue fondant is a smooth care that provides 72 hours of anti-frytis and anti-humidity protection. It smooths the surface of the hair to provide it with lightness, fluidity and discipline. In addition to controlling Frisottis, it facilitates folding.

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Thermal keratin H5>

Thermal keratin is a smoothing disciplining milk with thermo-protection up to 180 ° C. It instantly smooths imperfections, tames frizz, protects from humidity and makes the enhancement twice as fast and much more durable.

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This range is aimed at those who want to smooth their hair as much as possible and reduce their volume as much as possible. Oléo-Relax provides intense nutrition to control frizz and humidity!

oléo-relax bath

The Oléo-Relax bath is an anti-Volume nourishing shampoo. It is aimed at bulky, unruly hair and subjects to frizz. It facilitates disentangling and makes hair soft.

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Oléo-Relax mask

The Oléo-Relax mask is a nourishing anti-frytis mask for unruly voluminous hair. He leaves the hair intensely nourished, flexible and shiny all day. It also protects the hair from the heat of the styling tools up to 230 ° C.

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Oléo-Relax oil < /A>

Oléo-relax oil is a smoothing nourishing oil for bulky hair subject to frizz. The hair becomes easier to master. They are instantly smooth and shiny. It also contains heat protection up to 230 ° C.

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By choosing the products suitable for you, you will easily regain control over your unruly hair! We also offer routines to completely come to the end of frizz. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write to us, our advisers are always there to answer you.

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