Densifique: to thicken fine hair

"My hair is lacking in volume" is an assertion that often comes back when we speak of hair concern. Fine hair is often at the heart of this difficulty and the lack of density is also associated with the lack of volume. We give you our best tips and our best product suggestions to find dream hair.

When we talk about fine hair, we refer to the diameter of the hair fiber and not to the density of the hair. The hair hair fiber has less material than other hair types. They are therefore less supported and have more difficulty in holding. This is why the hair tends to be more flat and without volume.

The range of density products stimulates the hair, to make it larger and thicker. The products are treating, that is to say that they work on fine hair to make it thicker in the long term while a volume range is rather a so-called aesthetic range. Indeed, it gives more volume after washing, but the effect is not increased in the long term. On the contrary, the density range is more treating. The effect is amplified after each washing, so you will have more thickness you use the product.

The causes of fine and sparse hair

You shouldn't look too far. Fine hair is only due to genetics. If some naturally have thick and bulky hair, for others it is simply the opposite. Slear hair can be accentuated by several factors such as aging, hormonal changes or a stressful lifestyle.

The best tips for larger hair

1. Dry your hair upside down

To give maximum volume to your hair, just take off the roots by drying your hair with your head upside down. Finish your drying with a low-temperature hair dryer for an additional volume boost. The use of a thickening foam like the densimorphosis of kerastase At the time of styling will also be of great help to give volume.

2. Do not touch them too much

Surprised hair automatically lacks volume. This is why you have to do everything to avoid lubrication. It is therefore necessary to refrain as much as possible to pass your hand constantly in your hair to avoid activating the production of sebum or to deposit impurities and dirt there.

3. Cut your hair

Although fine hair is often associated with lack of volume, long hair is just as much. The longer a hair, the more gravity weighs on him. This is why a long hair will tend to be flattener than a shorter hair. To have larger hair, so do not hesitate to opt for a shorter cut. Degrades, for example, are perfect for giving movement and a volume impression

4. Use products to thicken the hair

To obtain more volume or thickness, use dedicated products. for refined hair, Densive range of kerastase will be perfect to restore the necessary density for a lasting volume. Using unhappy productions as too nourishing and moisturizing products can increase hair and give the opposite effect.

the densific range

Kérastase offers a range for people who suffer from hair thinning and alteration of their hair. She stimulates and works on fine hair to make it thicker in the long term. The time of fine hair in lack of density and volume is resolved!

the Density Bath

The density bath is a repully shampoo designed to give thickness, material and body to the hair loss of density. It cleanses in depth without attacking the hair. The hair is plumped up, more resistant and more dense. This is the shampoo you need if you want visibly more full and thicker hair.

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the Fondant Density H4>

The fondant density is a densifying and plumping conditioner for the hair losing density and particularly fine. Its creamy and light formula brings a lifting and plumping appearance to the hair. The hair is regenerated, easy to untangle, light and silky.

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the Density mask H4>

The density mask is a hydrating and thickening mask for the hair in lack of density. It gives texture, body and substance to hair. Its delicate texture provides gentleness and lightness to the hair lacking in thickness, in addition to offering a plump capillary fiber, more resistant and more abundant. You can use it both at the root and at the tip.

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densimorphosis mousse

Densimorphosis foam is a thickening care for hair in lack of density. It gives volume and material to the hair in all lightness. The hair is then more resistant and regenerated from the root.

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By choosing suitable products, having dense and voluminous hair will only be a dream! We also offer Routines complete to densify fine hair. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write to us, our advisers are always there to answer you.

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