"The only standard we should have is acceptance" - Anne -Marie Ménard

Last April, we had the chance to spend an intimate moment with 9 women who opened up to us in all vulnerability as part of the campaign free to be yourself. Women with different experiences and perceptions of beauty, but with a common definition: beauty, it is to be free to be yourself. Anne-Marie Ménard , well known as a bed with Anne-Marie, is a sexology professional who helps women to flourish sexually and to resume their sexual power. She confided in her bitterness towards beauty standards and her self-care rituals which greatly helps her feel good on a daily basis.

What is beauty for you?

For me beauty is really to look at everything around us, but also what is inside us. Beauty is everywhere. When we talk about physical beauty, we will often rely on beauty standards that we find in society. We realize, over time, over the cultures, over the stories that the standards will change. I find it a shame that we did to our standards because we limit ourselves a lot in our definition of beauty.

When we look at the inner beauty, I really think that the only standard we should have is that of acceptance.

How to take control of your own happiness?

It is certain that I practice habits to feel beautiful outside and inside. For me the self-care, it is a component that is very important in my life. Precisely to be able to align with how I feel, as psychologically, mentally, spiritually and physically.

I will take care of my limits. I will really take care to look at what is important inside me to try to silence the opinion of others around. It's really part of my self-care routine.

What's beautiful in audacity?

The audacity for me is definitely something that is super beautiful. The audacity is the synonym of daring, of having confidence, of advancing in life without being cold in the eyes, of giving oneself the permission to cross obstacles even if we find it difficult. I think daring can lead very far in life.

What is the importance for you to be part of this Parikart campaign?

In my work, I do sexuality education. I have women in consultation who come to see me so that I accompany them, to guide them and to lead them to draw on their sexual agency. I think that is all the resumption of power. Before looking at the sexual aspect of a person, I look at the full aspect because when you feel good with yourself, when you love yourself, the rest of the things in your life will take place better.

To see that Parikart puts on everything there is behind all this, I find it even better. It's really beyond beauty ... I find it beautiful to see that Parikart cares about the mental health of people. I think more than ever the self-care has taken such a large place in our life.

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