"Beyond beauty, I think it's a call for action" - Karine Champagne

Last April, we had the chance to spend an intimate moment with 9 women who opened up to us in all vulnerability in the framework free to be you -Mend . women with different experiences and perceptions of beauty, but with a common definition: beauty, is to be free to be yourself. Karine Champagne is an ex-journalist, animator, author and lecturer. She brings people to enjoy the little pleasure of life and feel fulfilled. she opened on her way of Perceive the beauty of people and its definition of self -confidence.

What is beauty for you?

beauty is indefinable. Beauty goes so much beyond the hair color, the size of clothes, the color of your skin, your shape. It goes beyond that. It is really this little one I do not know what is indefinable, but which always makes us turn around and that we say to ourselves "wow ... she has as something sparkling. There is something phenomenal inside her. There is something assumed and embodied. This is what clings me when I find that a human, a woman, a man is magnificent. It's just like ... wow. There are no words. You feel it in energy. There is just something that hardens you inside you, that makes you say that, that's what I want and it's being beautiful like that I want in my life.

What made me feel beautiful yesterday is probably not what makes me feel beautiful today. But, it includes meditation ... it will include sex, food, walking. It includes the joy of living. This is how I feel beautiful.

What thing would you give to someone who lacks self-confidence?

Self -confidence is really difficult to define. I think that when you are 15 years old, 20 years old, 25 ... You say to yourself "self -confidence ... How do I learn to self -confidence? ». It is no longer confidence in your conscience. So you start to trust this voice more inside you who creates much more space, which creates much more. I would like to tell the young or old (because there is no age for confidence in his conscience): what vibrates in you, it is your truth. Your truth is not my truth and is not that of society either. But you, are you ready to stand up and have this I-know what will allow everyone to breathe, push your shoulders back, lift your head and say: I have confidence in my conscience and I have confidence in my truth?

I asked the question to my body: what do you want to look like? I would have liked it to be tall and thin. I would have loved measuring 6 Pi3 and weighing 120 lbs, but clearly that's not it. It was never that. So at one point, I established a discussion with my body and I just asked him the question "But what do you want to look like?" What will make you vibrate? ». It is a muscular body. Me, I like it muscular arms, I like it big thighs. I'm riding a bike. So instead of always wanting to be someone else ... I would ask myself the question just a little faster: what does your body want to be?

What does that mean for you to be part of this campaign with Parikart?

I looked at all the panel that was there ... It's all super top young people with lots of subscribers on Instagram and I said to myself: "Oh ok ... Granny arrives in the project". I found it fantastic because I told myself that there is someone somewhere who saw something bigger and who just said " Do you know what, this energy, we want to spread it. This energy, we want to share it with our customers or with the people who will look so that we can together, like a community, say " There is something else for beauty ". And ... Beyond beauty, how each of us wants to embody it. I think it's a call to action.

There is a lot of gratitude as if I had the impression that the universe said to me: "You are in the right place and you do the right deal" . If there was a sentence through everything that has been said in this magnificent campaign which would make people stop (stop) to denigrate, stop to deny and were honored forever. >

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