All you need to know about silk pillowcases!

Pure and natural, silk offers many virtues for both hair and skin. We often hear that once you have tried it, you will not be able to do without it. Well in this case, it's true! Its comfort and the good she gives will make you love it!

Discover in this blog everything you need to know about Silk pillowcases , on their different benefits and how to make the right choice!

Guide: how to choose your silk pillowcase

It is good to want a silk pillow pillow, but it is important to take care to choose it well so that it can be fully satisfied! Here are the most important elements to consider to choose your pillowcase!

What is silk?

Silk is a natural material that can come from different sources. It can be collected from different critters or animals, such as spiders for example. However, it can be extremely difficult to harvest on certain species since production is much lower and difficult to control.

The traditional silk that we find on the market comes from silkworms which are larvae of butterflies at night. This silk can be wild, that is to say that it is collected from wild worms, or even domesticated, which means that worms are kept in breeding.

Although it may seem rather repugnant at first glance, it is rather a sign of great purity. Fortunately the silk is a completely naturally fiber which is not chemically treated as are other textiles.

silk or satin?

Some satin pillowcases are available on the market, so it is relevant to wonder what is the difference. In fact, satin is a main objective weaving technique to imitate silk, while silk is a material.

Thus, since it is a weaving technique, satin can be silk, but these are generally other materials to reduce costs such as nylon or polyester.

It is therefore essential to look towards real silk to obtain all of its benefits. Indeed, it is the pillow pillow in real silk and not that in satin that will have effects on your skin and hair.

The best silk to prioritize

although you have to prioritize real silk when choosing a pillowcase, you have to choose the type of silk. Indeed, different kinds of silk are possible such as mulberry silk, tussah silk, Eri silk, tasar silk, muga silk and many others.

Mulberry silk or Mulberry silk is the most recognized silk for its sustainability, shine and sweetness. Mulberry silk is the best choice to make since it is the greatest quality silk, the brightest and silky market.

What makes the silk of mulberry so sought after is that it is made from domesticated silk worms and not wild worms. Unlike wild worms, the diet of domesticated worms is controlled, which means that the silk will have a whiter and natural color, thus facilitating its dye. In the case of mulberry silk, silkworms are fed with mulberry leaves, hence the origin of its name.

Silk quality

The quality of the silk available on the market can be measured in different ways, that is to say with the number of mothers (momen) and the grade. Depending on the various products made from silk, the level of quality necessary may vary!

mothers (momen)

The silk momme is a unit of measurement which makes it possible to measure the density, the thickness and the quality of the silk. The higher the level of fees, the higher the silk. However, it is not necessary to have greater quality silk for all consumer goods.

As for scarves, clothes, silk darlings or other accessories, a silk of 12 momen is generally sufficient. For pajamas or other goods, a silk of 12 to 16 km will be more suitable. Finally, for sheets or pillowcases, it is necessary that the silk is greater than 19 km for good sustainability.

The vast majority of silk pillowcases available on the market offer a silk of 19 or 22 momen. In the case of Parikart silk pillow , these have a silk of 25 momments which has been selected to offer you a more sustainable product of better general quality.


Ultimately, the last unit of measurement to consider to make the right choice in matters of silk is the grade. The grade of silk is a measurement of quality, that is to say that only superior silk cocoons are selected for the manufacture of the wire. A good selection, that is to say the Grade A silk, helps prevent bits of threads from leaving the fabric, so having a softer, resistant and luxurious silk.

In the case of parikart pillow , these have a 6a grade, which is the best grade of silk possible.

Why use a silk pillow pillow

Silk pillowcases are most popular, and it's not for nothing! Indeed, their profits for hair, skin and comfort are very appreciated.

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<h4> <strong> Profits for hair </strong> </h4>
<H5> <span style = Holdness of the skin and hair hydration

Whether by a decrease in static electricity or better comfort in the skin, you will quickly notice that silk retains much more the natural and artificial hydration of your body. Being 3 times less absorbent than cotton , silk helps maintain hair and skin hydration in addition to absorbing your beauty products much less. Your products will remain on you, which will also help reduce accumulations and dirt on the fabric.

decrease in frizz

As silk absorbs humidity from the hair much less, hair is less dry, which is one of the main causes of frizz or static electricity. In addition, the hair slides on the fabric during your sleep, which avoids having unwanted false folds.

Skin benefits

slowdown in the aging process

It may seem rather superfluous at first glance, but you will soon understand why! The silk is ultra soft and silky, which makes your skin and hair slide more during your sleep. The sleep folds and the morning heads will therefore be of the past. In the long term, sleep folds cause fine lines and fine lines, which will therefore be reduced with the use of a silk pillow.

antibacterial and hypoallergenic

First, its antibacterial and hypoallergenic sides allow the skin to remain smoother and more beautiful since the bacteria entering into contact with the skin are less numerous. After some time, you will normally notice a difference if you have imperfections.

machine washable

More and more, it is possible to find a washable silk pillow pillowcases on the market. This is the case for Parikart pillowcases, which will remain beautiful and in good condition even if you wash them in the machine! To find out everything about the maintenance of your pillowcase, Consult this blog .

other profits

In addition to the benefits they bring to hair and skin, silk pillowcases also have other advantages. Silk is a natural heat regulator, which makes the pillowcases will remain cooler than cotton or other fabrics. In the end, the temperature of the pillowcase improves the comfort and quality of sleep in addition to helping to regulate body temperature.

These different combined benefits help considerably improve your global comfort and the quality of your sleep. You will not be disappointed!

Parikart silk pillowcases

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<p> <a href= Parikart pillow have been Made with a huge attention to detail to offer you the best product. From the quality of the silk, to the resistance of the seams through the meticulousness of the embroidery, nothing has been neglected. Treat yourself to a lasting product to improve the quality of your sleep, the health of your skin and your hair, in addition to garnishing your bed and your decor with a chic, natural and elegant accessory.

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