How to maintain and wash your silk pillow pillow?

recognized for its many virtues, silk is more and more sought after in terms of beauty care for its benefits for the skin and hair. although silk is a very resistant and high quality textile, it is essential to take care to maintain it well to ensure that it is durable.

Here is everything you need to know to maintain and protect your silk pillow pillowcase!

1. Wash by hand or machine backwards with delicate cycle.

For machine wash, if possible, we advise to wash it alone. If not, avoid placing it with other articles that could damage it. Place it in a clothes net if you have one. The delicate cycle will allow you to improve the sustainability of your pillowcase.

For hand washing, we advise not to let it soak more than an hour.

2. Wash with water cold or lukewarm.

Silk is very sensitive to heat, which is why we must avoid hot water.

3. Use a gentle liquid detergent with neutral pH.

For an even better result on the conservation of your pillowcase, use a detergent with special silk laundry that you can find in the shops selling laundry.

It is very important not to use powder laundry, detergent containing whitening agents, bleach or any other storage or powder cleaning product.

4. Dry flat on a dry towel

Drying the pillowcase is super fast (1 a.m. to 2 a.m.). The pillow should not be passed to the dryer due to the heat.

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<h3> <strong> to avoid ... </strong> </h3>
<H4>- The heat </h4>
<p> Silk is very sensitive to heat. Thus, washing it with hot water, drying it with dryer or ironing it can damage it and decrease its durability. </p>
<h4>- Iron </h4>
<p> If you still want to iron your pillowcase, it is better to do it when it is still wet at very low temperature and without vapor. </p>
<h4>- Dry it to the dryer </h4>
<p> As the temperature is generally higher, you may damage it. Generally, a flat drying of 1 hour or 2 hours is sufficient for your pillowcase to be dry. </p>
<p>- Lassive powder, laundry containing whitening agents, bleach or any other storage or powder cleaning product. </p>
<H4>- Spin </h4>
<p> It is very important not to wring the silk to avoid damaging your fiber. </p>
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