Over $32,000 donated to women in need!

at Parikart, we attach great importance to restore others and thus help them feel good. We want to have an impact beyond beauty and that is why we have made several donations to organizations that help women. It is an honor for us to have the chance to restore people who need it to help them move forward.

More than $ 30,000 for empty your bag

Last November, we made a donation of $ 30,000 in products to the empty body. As part of women's day, we also donated $ 1,000 in products. This organization is close to our hearts since it helps women in need by offering them personal care products. The donations given allow women to remember that they are not alone, that there are people who support them and that we encourage them to regain control of their lives. The organization also allows women to regain their self -esteem by giving them confidence and dignity. It was important for us to give this organization for whom beauty is not only a physical aspect, but rather on well-being, pride and confidence. Also, we are proud that Jean-Sébastien Paré, our Marketing Director, The first male ambassador of this organization.

support & amp; Donation for women victims of domestic violence

In addition, as part of the International Women's Rights Day last March, we are proud to have made a donation of $ 500 to money to The Junction Foundation for it. The purpose of this accommodation house is to help women victims of domestic violence and their children to rebuild themselves a life. Their mission aims to educate society about domestic violence and support those who need it greatly. We are proud to support this foundation for several years already since mutual aid and mutual aid and mutual aid and mutual aid and mutual aid and mutual Solidarity are important values ​​for us and we believe that we can make a little difference in the lives of several people. It is important for us to help these women to help give them back the confidence and courage necessary to help them go through these difficult trials and to be respected for their true value.

help with single -parent mothers

This year, for Mother's Day, we will make a donation of $ 500 in money and a donation of $ 550 in products at the Mother's non -profit organization with power. This organization promotes the autonomy and social and professional integration of women's women from single -income single -income families. Thanks to donations, women are fortunate to have subsidized accommodation, a place in CPE for their toddlers and personalized support for their needs. We are proud to help help 40 families each year carry out their life projects.

More equity in services

We are happy to be the only hair salon to have changed our pricing system for all our services so that they are 100% fair between men and the women. In the field of beauty, women generally pay more than men for services or products. For example, a 30 -minute short haircut for a woman costs more than a 30 -minute haircut for a man, while the service offered is the same. At Parikart, we are proud to be the first living room to change this way of doing and rendering all our fair services, regardless of the sex of our customers!

We will continue to endure women in all stages of their lives. We are proud to be a Quebec company involved with people from here who need help or comfort.

p.s. Happy Mother's Day to all extraordinary moms. Thank you for embellishing our lives.

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