Why clean your skin?

Having a good care routine allows you to have a healthy appearance. Cleaning is the most important step in this routine and we explain why.

cleaning, the most important step

The cleaning of your face should not be overlooked if you want to have healthy appearance. Indeed, cleaning makes it possible to remove all the impurities and dirt accumulated on the surface and in depth of your skin. This results in cleaner skin, which allows the products that you then apply to perform better and be more effective. Applying a cream on dirty skin will not have positive effects on your skin since pores are engorged with dirt. Thus, the product will not be able to enter the skin or act at its full potential, regardless of the quality of your cream or the products you use. To better imagine you, it's like putting hand cream with gloves. If you want to hydrate your hands, remove the gloves that act like a barrier. This is why it is necessary to remove the impurities which also act as a barrier.

There are several types of cleaners specially designed to suit the different types of skin. The Esthederm brand offers three different cleaners and you will certainly find one that will suit your skin type.

purity cleaning mousse

the Purity cleaning foam is a light foam designed for normal, dry or sensitive skin. It absorbs impurities without attacking the skin. In addition, it is super light so there is no risk that it dries up your skin.

purity cleaning gel

the Purity cleaning gel gently cleans the skin, leaving it matte and fresh. It helps tighten pores and eliminate impurities. However, it is more drying so it is more suitable for mixed or greasy skin.

Youth illuminating mousse

the Illuminating cleaning foam Youth of the Esthe-White range is an ideal cleaner for dull skin in lack of radiance. It reduces the appearance of pigment spots and makes the skin softer and illuminated. In addition, it exfoliates gently to give you a brilliant complexion.

cleaning is the basis of a good skin care routine, that's all you have to remember! If you have any questions for choosing your products, don't hesitate to write to us. Our advisers will support you in your shopping with great pleasure to help you find the perfect cleanser for you.