19 gift ideas to spoil your loved ones this Christmas

Holidays is approaching and we must admit that it is a bit of our favorite period of the year! We decided to simplify your task and help you in your search for gifts this year! We offer you 19 suggestions to please all your loved ones!

Suggestion #1: a Kérastase discovery box

Discovery Christmas boxes are a great way to introduce the brand to someone or spoil someone who already likes kerastase. These boxes each contain a night serum as well as a travel oil for hair oil. Available in original version or for blondes, the discovery boxes will please anyone who will receive them.

Price: $ 81 worth $ 108.
magazine Kérastase discovery boxes here.

Suggestion # 2: a satin bathrobe

Once you try the satin parikart robe, you literally don't want to get out of it. Perfect for quiet mornings at home or any moment of relaxation, it is light, silky and comfortable. Available in a long and short version, it is a gift that is both sexy and luxurious.

Price: $ 46 for the short and $ 52 for the long.
Magasin the satin bathrobes here.

Suggestion # 3: a lip exfoliant

Our lip exfoliants slip perfectly in the Christmas bottom! They are available in five new flavors, each more delicious than the others: Red Velvet, Apricot Brandy, Oasis, Vanilla Lavender and Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Price: $ 15 for 1oz and $ 25 for 2oz.
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Suggestion #4: nourishing silky butter from O'terra

This odorless whipped butter is ideal for moisturizing, repairing and improving the elasticity of the skin. With winter at our doors, the skin dries out, the giant lips and our hands are dehydrated ... The silky butter solves all these problems in addition to helping to prevent stretch marks or to cure the scars! We love it and we are certain that we will not be the only ones.

Price: $ 40.
Make the nourishing silky butter of O'terra here.

Suggestion # 5: Parikart hair accessories

Parikart hair accessories, too, slips in Christmas stockings. Whether it is our hair clips or our satin or velvet darlings, they are trendy and super practical!

Price: from $ 6.

Suggestion # 6: A CADEAU Certificate Parikart

A gift certificate is ideal if you do not know the hair type, skins or the preferences of the person to whom we offer a gift. She will be able to spoil herself by choosing products suitable for her, buying a moment of relaxation or a hair transformation!

Price: from $ 25.00.
Magazine Certificates Gifts here.

Suggestion #7: The Duo Crème Sweet Discounting and Esthederm Clarifying Mask

This duo will give you the impression of a facial in the comfort of your home. The gentle derusting cream will clear the pores from all the impurities and the clarifying gum mask will exfoliate the surface of the skin to purify it. It is a super effective duo that should be part of everyone's routine! Why not offer it as a gift?

Price: $ 65.60 Value of $ 82.
Magasin the duo here.

Suggestion # 8: Potentialist serum

The potentist serum is the solution for a healthy scalp and therefore healthy hair! It is designed to soothe the scalp and protect it from external aggressions by ensuring a balance of the microbiome. can be associated with any kerastase routine, since it is suitable for all hair types. We cannot therefore be wrong by offering it as a gift!

Price: $ 80.
Magasine the serum Potentialist here.

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Suggestion #9: a Christmas box

Christmas boxes are an opportunity to spoil yourself (or spoil your loved ones), fill up on products and save money. Esthederm , Redken and Kérastase all offer boxes whether to pamper your hair or skin.

Price: from $ 46.97.
Magasin the different boxes of Christmas HERE.

Suggestion #10: a parikart silk pillow

Silk pillowcases are full of benefits for both skin and hair. Among other things, they decrease frizz and static electricity in addition to maintaining the hydration of the skin and hair. Our pillowcases are made from superior silk and with a huge concern for detail. Why not offer a parikart silk pillow pillow to someone dear to you.

Price: from $ 86.
Make shop pillowcases here.

Suggestion # 11: The Hot Tools-Tools brush

The Hot Tools-Tuchoir brush is the solution for rapid brushing. It saves up to 60% of the time of its brushing! In addition, its heat disseminated uniformly reduces the damage caused to hair by excessive styling. We love it! It is offered in two formats, or 2.4 in and 2.8 in.

Price: $ 122.95.
Shop the Hot Tools brush here.

Suggestion #12: a kerastase mask

A mask is perfect for completing a capillary routine and nourishing the hair in depth. There is something for everyone and that's what makes it a great gift! Our favorites at Kérastase: Intense mask Chronologist that suits all hair types, Rehydrating mask Perfect for hair with a fatty tendency and Masquintense for intense hydration.

Price: $ 72.
shops Kérastase Masks here.

Suggestion #13: salt or oil for the Selv bath

The perfect gift for bath fans! The best way to enhance your bath and afford an ultimate moment of relaxation is to add bath salt or oil! Selv offers these two products in different fragrances, each filled with various profits. The oil, for its part, is used both in hot bath water and directly on the skin.

Price: $ 28 for bathing salt and $ 44 for oil.
Magasine SELV HERE.

Suggestion #14: a kerastase night serum

The 8 -hour Nutritive Kérastase night serum is probably one of our favorite products of all time! It is the gift that will make you happy all the time since it is suitable for all hair types. It provides 8 hours of nutrition to leave the hair soft, protected and easy to style when you wake up.

Price: 68 $.
Make the night serum 8h here.

Suggestion #15: The Dry Shampoo Living Proof

We all know a dry shampoo and that of Living Proof literally gives life to hair! It really cleanses hair, eliminating sweating, smells and oils. Living Proof offers this holiday box containing two 2 Shampoo dry perfect hair day 198ml and it would be crazy not to take advantage of it!

Price: $ 46 worth $ 68.
Magazine the duo of dry living room proof here.

Suggestion #16 : The midnight Immersive Kit of Selv Ritual

This special immersive case of the holiday season makes it possible to make your bath super festive. With her scents of oranges, grenades, cinnamon and nutmeg, she will be able to transform your bath into a unique experience. In addition, it is a limited and totally unique edition!

Price: 38 $.
Make the Immersive Midnight Kit HERE.

Suggestion #17: L e steampod

To spoil a person who is dear to us, the steampod is the last gift! This professional steam iron makes it possible to repair the hair fiber while styling it. The steampod uses continuous steam to smooth and curl hair. Trying it is to adopt it since it leaves the hair radiating healthy, that it lasts brushing and that it reduces by 78% the damage caused by iron.

Price: $ 350.
Magasine the steampod here < /A>.

Suggestion #18: dermaroller d'O'terra

Dermaroller is a beauty tool that creates micro-perforations to activate skin regeneration. The different tips allow you to use your dermaroller as much on the body as on the face and lips. It is perfect to alleviate scars and stretch marks

Price: $ 40.
Make the Dermaroller here.

Suggestion #19: the absolute refresh of kerastase

The absolute refresh spray of the Curl Manifesto range is a 2nd day mist to revive the outfit and definition of vagued, curly, very curly or frizzy hair. It is a super original gift that will certainly please those who wish to give rebound to their daily curls.

Price: $ 49.
Magasine Absolute here.

Our online store is full of hundreds of other gift ideas. In addition, November is our biggest month of promotions of the year! It is therefore the perfect opportunity to get ahead in your purchases of holidays. We invite you to discover all our beautiful offers just here.

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