How to remedy these various hair problems

sometimes your hair swells instantly when you go outside? Do you put a sweater and your hair becomes ruffled? Your hair does not grow even if you try to grow it for months? There are several problems in this kind that happen frequently, but we do not know why or how to remedy it. This is why, in this blog, we will answer your questions and demystify this with you!

the swelling hair

People with curly or even smooth hair often swells because of humidity in the air. The air saturated with water causes the swelling of the hair since the fibers of your hair will fall back on themselves to absorb water. This phenomenon is even more intense for people with naturally curly hair, because it tends to be drier or porous than smooth hair. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use products with protection against humidity such as fluidissime of kerastase which will help control frizz.

static electricity

static is also a very common problem, especially when the external temperatures are colder. Static is caused by a lack of hydration. The cold of winter represents an assault for the hair and will thus make it drier than usual. When temperatures fall under the freezing point, the air becomes very dry, which creates an ideal environment for an imbalance between the electrical loads. It is this imbalance that causes static electricity. This is a pretty disturbing problem, but fortunately very easy to settle. It is necessary to use moisturizers like the nutritive range And finish with an oil to control static. Any dependent on your hair type, there are different interesting oils. is perfect for hair Fine while Original oil and Oléo-Relax oil are, for their part, ideal if you also want a frizz control.

brittle hair

You may have already wanted long hair, but to have the impression that your hair just does not want to push. What you didn't know is that your hair is growing, but it will break in length, which gives you the impression that they do not grow. If your lengths are not healthy, it is certain that you will have the impression that they do not push. So you need products to strengthen your hair and seal your tips. The reconstituting mask Genesis strengthen the lengths and avoid breakage. In addition, to have beautiful points, the Double therapist serum will give you a nice shine in addition to strengthening and repairing the fork tips. This product is one of the better repairing care and it is certain that you will love it as much as our customers.

If you have other questions about certain problems you are experiencing with your hair, our advisers can help you find suitable solutions for you!