Camille's face favourites

Allo, it's Camille! I share in this blog my favorite and essential products to have beautiful skin. After trying tons of different products, I assure you that these products are my favorites of all time, so I wanted to make you discover them.

purity cleaning gel

You should never neglect the power of a good cleanser! For me, the purity cleaner Esthederm is my must . I have mixed skin, but quite sensitive and this gel cleanses my skin without attacking or irritating it in addition to helping to purify it. I can't spend a day without using it.

wow! I want the purity cleaning gel too!

The clarifying gum mask and the soft cream disincrusting

Another of my essentials is the duo with Clarifying gum mask and Double CrĂšme Drusting. These two products are incredible to clear skin pores and exfoliate the surface of the skin. These products are suitable for all skin types. When I have the impression that my skin is congestioned, I use the soft crush and it becomes immediately more radiant. It is the duo par excellence that should be in all good treatment routines!

wow ! I want this duo too!

The propolis purifying mask

I regularly use the Purifying Purifying Mask. < /A> I saw a huge difference using this mask on the reduction of my pimples and my black dots. It cleans the skin and decrusts pores to alleviate the appearance of irregularities and help you find smooth and clear skin. it is possible to do it 2 to 3 times a week to treat your skin, Or even use it in an intensive formula for 7 days if you have a big acne thrust or other irregularities!

wow! I want the purifying mask propolished me too.

I leave you here a pre-after of my skin in just 7 days with the use of the Propolis products of Esthederm:

the propolished lotion-serum

the product I love to use from the port of the mask is lotion-sérum of the propolis range. extended from the mask made me develop small pimples on my chin and around the mouth, so I started using the lotion since it helps reduce the appearance of residual brands related to Irregularities, that it matifies the skin and that it visibly tightens the pores. I apply it using a cotton and I saw a large improvement in my skin.

wow! I want the propolished serum lotion too.

biomimetic cream

like a good care routine is nothing without a cream, my favorite is Biomimetic cream from the Sensi System range. I have a very sensitive and reactive skin and this cream is precisely ideal for skins that can do almost nothing. This treatment puts the skin at "rest", while improving its resistance threshold. It is definitely my favorite, especially during the winter since it calms irritations and itching my skin!

wow! I want biomimetic cream too.

the tinted sunexpert

the last and not the least is sunexpert tinted . You probably think that solar products should only be used during the ' been, but think again. Unlike this popular belief, it is super important to protect your skin from the sun itself in winter! Even if the sun is less present or it is colder, up to 80 % of solar rays are reflected on snow. Your skin is therefore just as exposed, if not more. Even during the winter, The sun still produces UVA and UVB rays which will cause cellular damage such as premature aging of the skin, problems of pigmentation, loss of firmness or, at the extreme, different cancers of the skin. So, to protect my skin, I love to use the sunexpert tinted as a foundation or under my makeup to protect my skin.

wow! I want the sunexpert tinted too.

This is what goes around the products that constitute my daily routine and which allow me to have brilliant skin. All the products are obviously found on our website . If you want to find the ideal routine for you, write us and we will advise you the best products according to your skin type and your needs.