How can we remedy the various skin problems?

whether redness, sensitivity, signs of aging or buttons, there are different skin problems which can be quite unpleasant. To remedy this, you often need to use specialized products to deal with the problem.

The various skins problems

Acne and black dots

Acne, blackheads, dilated pores and all other irregularities are a very common problem when you tell us about your skin problems. The secret to trying to overcome this problem is not to neglect cleaning and to be constant in your routine. The best range for irregularities is the range Noreferrer"> Intensive Propolis of Esthederm. A> Thanks to the enriched molecules present in each of its products, the intensive propolis+ range allows you to target irregularities and the first signs of age in a single gesture! Several of our customers have had impressive results using this range.


Another frequent problem is sensitivity. Whether it is redness, drought or itching, the sensitivity of the skin can be presented in different forms and can be very unpleasant for the person who undergoes it. In addition, people with sensitive skin are more affected during seasonal changes. The best way to avoid this problem is to use mild products that do not aggress your skin. It’s super important to take products that have been specially designed for you, otherwise there are risks to get the situation. At Esthederm the sensi system is designed to desensitize the skin and Make it more tolerant! Our customers who use it love it since it comes to soothe and comfort the skin to help it better resist the time.

Pigment spots

Does it sometimes happen to find that your complexion is dull or lack of radiance? Or, do you have pigment spots? This is another very common problem that generally develops over the years. This is a completely normal problem, but there are ways to delay it, to blur these spots and illuminate the complexion, especially using the right products. At Esthederm, the Esthe White particularly targets Pigmentaments. that the dull complexion. It helps unify, illuminate and make your complexion ultra radiant.


 The last problem, but not the least, is the aging of the skin. Whether it's fine lines, fine lines, skin refinement, lack of volume or other, Esthederm offers different ranges such as Intensive hyaluronic , Lift and repair , active repair our website.