How to choose your Kérastase range?

among all the products available to take care of his hair in kerastase, he can become mixing and difficult to make his choice. It is super important to choose a range by not only relying on the packaging or the smell of it, because if it is not suitable for your hair, your hair experience will probably be unpleasant.

at Parikart, we offer personalized online advice with trained advisers who can help you make the right choice. In order to make you discover and help you choose your Kérastase range, here are the 3 major common hair issues and the ranges adapted to them .

hair loss

hair loss is a very common problem. Did you know that 88% of women have to fight hair loss at one time or another of their lives? Whether it's post-partum hair loss, hormonal change or hair loss linked to other factors, the ideal range to use in this case is Genesis . This range decreases loss and breakage and strengthens hair while stimulating new hair growth. The Genesis range was one of our largest sellers in 2020 thanks to its great efficiency with our customers. The criticisms are unanimous and our customers love this range!

Two other problems that often stand out are damaged hair and dry hair. Do you know how to make the difference between the two? We explain to you.

damaged hair

A damaged hair is often due to chemical treatment such as discoloration or even is naturally damaged by heat or other aggressions. You can see that a hair is damaged if it is porous, if it takes a long time to dry or if the tips are forked. Obviously, there are different levels of damaged hair and the different causes will influence the choice of your range. If your hair is damaged by discoloration, we recommend the which is specially designed for blondes. On the other hand, if you hair are damaged for other reasons, the resistance is the one you need. There are 3 different divisions to the resistance range of kerastase, that is architect For slightly damaged hair, Extensionist for moderately damaged hair and < href = "" Target = "_ blank" Rel = "Noopener Noreferrer"> Therapist for extremely damaged hair.

dry hair

on the other hand, a dry hair will have the same texture as straw or a dry leaf in the fall. If your hair is dry, you will probably find that they lack softness, shine and flexibility. These are the most frequent signs that demonstrate a lack of hydration. There are several ranges that provide hydration, but the one that specially targets dry hair is the range Nutritive ! You have the choice between the Irisome range , which is more oriented for Normal and dry hair and The Magistral range will be adapted to very thick or very dry hair.

If you want to learn more about kerastase products and find the range you need, you can contact our online advisers who will give you personalized advice! Otherwise, go for a walk on our website to discover the range of our products offered!