Camille's favourite hair products

Allo, it's Camille! I am the head of training, customer service in addition to working in marketing. I decided to present my favorite hair products to you. After trying tons of different products, I assure you that these products are my favorites of all time, so I wanted to make them discover them.

the divalent bath

I'm going to start with bain divalent of Kerastase. If you have hair that tends to get fat very easily, you absolutely need this shampoo. It balances sebum production at the root so that the hair becomes greasy less quickly. Previously, I had to wash my hair every day, but starting to use the bath, I can wash it in two days, which is really a feat for me.

the energizing scrub

then, my essential is Energizing scrub . Once you try it, you will certainly not be able to do without it. This scalp exfoliant releases all impurities, product residues and dead skin housed at the root. It makes hair extremely clean and fresh while eliminating excess sebum. Like the body and the face, it is important to exfoliate your scalp to clear the dead cells of the epidermis and allow skin d e get oxygen. Exfoliation of the scalp will improve the efficiency of the products applied thereafter since the pores will be released. In addition, he will get rid of dandruff. Great, right?

The intense mask regenerating chronologist

My other favorite product is Intense mask regenerating chronologist . This mask is the most luxurious in KĂ©rastase because of its smell and because it makes it possible to treat several different needs such as hydration, fortification, repair and shine of hair. My hair always becomes very shiny and soft following the use of this mask. In addition, it stands out from the other masks since it is possible to apply it directly to the scalp in addition to the lengths. It therefore acts as a 2-in-1 treatment.

8 -hour night serum

another of my favorite products is Night serum 8h . In my opinion, everyone should try it at least once in their life since it is simply incredible! You have to apply it on the tips before going to sleep and the next morning your hair will be incredibly beautiful, soft and shiny in addition to being hydrated in depth. It helps untangle fine hair and makes it easier to style normal to thick hair.

The Genesis anti-fall serum

the last and not the least is Genesis anti-fall serum . For the past few months, I have lost more hair and the Genesis serum has helped me a lot. He decreased my hair loss, but above all he helped me grow new hair. Over time, there can be an accumulation of collagen on the scalp, which means that the hair root is blocked and therefore that the hair has more difficulty coming out. The anti-fall serum will help soften collagen and anchor the hair follicle To make the hair easier to push and that they are stronger.

There are so many products that I love in KĂ©rastase, but these are my favorites! You can shop all KĂ©rastase products directly on our site ! To find out more about kerastase products, you can write to us and we will advise you the products you need in your routine.

Produits en vedette

Les notes de roses blanches, de bois de santal et de vanille de cette Eau de Parfum s'entremĂȘlent et rĂ©vĂšlent une odeur Ă©voquant les cĂŽtĂ©s chaud, feutrĂ© et sensuel du cachemire. De quoi mettre de l'extraordinaire dans votre quotidien. DĂ©couvrez ÉgĂ©rie, une Eau de parfum fĂ©minine au caractĂšre assumĂ©.  ÉgĂ©rie - L'Eau de parfum de Parikart par Ruby Brown


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