Potentialiste: the 1st universal scalp sérum

Healthy hair starts at the root and therefore, in the scalp. A healthy scalp produces stronger, more beautiful and more resistant hair. It is, among other things, the state of the scalp microbiome which plays an important role in its health. In this perspective, Kérastase launched, on September 21, the potentist serum, the 1st serum for the scalp which exploits the power of the microbiome in favor of all types of hair and hair leathers. This product is positioned as a lighthouse in the specific range and will be an ideal complementary to all other ranges. In this article, we demystify the microbiome and we present this novelty to you in detail!

the microbiome

The microbiome is an ecosystem composed of living bacteria and mushrooms naturally present on the surface of the skin and also the scalp. Do not worry, the microbiome is made up of good bacteria and fungi which are essential for the health of the skin and the balance of the scalp. Each person has their own microbiome, which means that it is unique from one person to another as well as fingerprints.

When the microbiome is in balance, the scalp defends and heals easily. Conversely, if it is weakened, it can cause overexposure to external aggressions and be more inclined to discomfort.


The 3 roles of the microbiome

1. The regulation : The microorganisms present on the skin and the scalp make it possible to curb inflammation, to ensure comfort and to release molecules to relieve unbalanced hair leathers.

2. Protection: bacteria help increase the barrier function against external aggressions. Indeed, they release antioxidant molecules to protect their environment from attacks such as UV rays and pollution.

3. Repair: The microbiota accelerates the reinstatement of the scalp barrier by helping the cells to fix each other. This results in increased hydration and accelerates repair.

a weakened microbiome, what is it?

The causes of the weakening of the microbiome are numerous: chemicals, heating tools, stress, physical activity, pollution, diets and UV rays

If the microbiome is weakened, the scalp can have several inconveniences such as itching, sensitivity or irritation. In addition, the roots become flattened, fatty and more exposed to the effects of pollution and UV rays. Finally, the hair loses their strength and beauty because of the oxidation of the fibers.

potentian serum

Infused ingredients that support the microbiome, Potentilist is the optimal shield to protect the scalp from the attacks that threaten its balance. The serum offers daily comfort and freshness in addition to promoting the health of the roots and the balance of the scalp in the long term. Indeed, from 7 days after the application, it protects from pollution, adheres to the roots and promotes hydration. The use of a complete bottle promotes a revitalized scalp and supports the full potential of the hair.

The serum is suitable for daily use, so it is quickly absorbed by the scalp and does not provide an wet or fatty effect. Its perfume will certainly be able to charm you! Potentialist scent soothes and inspires instantly. The notes of pears and citrus mixes mix with a bouquet of rose, freesia and patchouli. We love it!

The main advantages

The advantages of potentist serum are numerous since it is suitable for all hair types. Here they are in burst:

-Combeat the imbalance of the scalp
-Preve the protective barrier
-Apaise and calms the scalp
-laisse the scalp louder, healthier and cooler
-Soueve the Hair roots
-Review the scalp

key ingredients

the fractions of prebiotics and probiotics of Bifidus.

Prebiotics are nutrients that promote the multiplication of good bacteria. Probiotics, on the other hand, are non-viable microorganisms which act in the same way as bacteria already in place. These two ingredients feed the microbiome, protect it from daily stressors and increase the strength of the protective barrier.

a derivative of vitamin C of natural origin

Vitamin C filled with many vital functions in body tissue, including skin and scalp. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals which causes oxidative stress and protects against the oxidation of natural lipids of sebum.

The potentist serum will be available from September 21! It is added to the specific range which benefits all types of hair leathers, all age and sex combined. It is therefore the serum that you have to get you in order to have a healthy scalp and therefore stronger, healthier and more beautiful hair!

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