Elixir Ultime: restore shine to dull hair

Dull hair often goes hand in hand with dry hair. They become brittle, without bursts, rough and difficult to style. To restore shine to your dull hair, you have to adapt your routine using good products and with good gestures. We reveal all our things to restore radiance and shine to your hair!

Why do I have dull hair?

Healthy hair is smooth and soft. Since their scales are closed, they reflect the light well. When the hair is dull, the scales can be broken and lift instead of resting on the hair rod. Light is therefore absorbed instead of being reflected. This is why the hair appears less shiny and is very sensitive.

Several factors come into play when talking about dull hair. Pollution, cold, the regular wearing of a hat or a cap, stress, bad eating habits, chemical (permanent, discoloration, etc.) or mechanical (hairdryer) and the use of care unsuitable are examples.

The best tips for having shiny hair

1. Use nourishing products

For dull hair, you need suitable care. Often dull hair becomes dry, so it is necessary to use nourishing products. 'Original oil Elixir Ultimate or The ultimate Elixir Rose oil of kerastase are perfect Options to enhance your mane.

The ultimate Elixir range

The ultimate Elixir range is based on the combination of 4 precious oils: sacred Marula oil, argan oil, corn oil and camellia oil. This mixture nourishes fiber in depth without weighing it down in addition to providing intense shine. It also contains anti-frytis action up to 96 hours.

the ultimate elixir bath

Enriched with sacred oil of Marula, the ultimate elixir bath sublime the hair by offering them 8x more brilliance instantly. The shampoo revives the hair fiber by generously nourishing it with all the nutrients it needs for a silky feeling. It purifies and eliminates residues and pollution particles and suppresses impurities .

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the Elixir Ultimate

This melting infused with creamy oil magnifies the shine of the hair by seating the hair fiber. It deeply nourishes the hair while giving volume, fluidity, radiance and lightness. The mixture of oils it contains smooth, strengthens and instantly softens hair while providing deep nutrition for 48 hours.

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The ultimate elixir mask

This mask infused with Marula oil is ideal for dull hair looking for shine. It repairs and enters the hair to treat and restore 8x more shine and sweetness. It is also possible to combine it with Original oil Elixir Ultimate to stimulate nutrition and maximize its effects. This is the perfect treatment for hair in lack of brilliance!

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Elixir Ultimate Orte >

This versatile sublimating oil enriched with Marula oil is the secret of an incomparable brilliance and sweetness of the fiber! She will certainly know you with her unique wooded fragrance! The oil will reduce breaks to the tips and provide anti-frytis protection for 96 hours. It smooths the hair while providing 48 hours of intense shine. It is possible to associate it in order to stimulate the nutrition of the fondant or the mask. It can be used alone on dry or humid hair, before styling or in finish touch. It is a multifunction product that will certainly be able to slip into your favorites!

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Light oil Elixir Ultimate < /Strong>

Light Ultimate Elixir light oil is the first bi-phase volumor oil for fine hair. This multi-use oil can act as an anti-frytis spray and a hair volume spray. it gives body and long-lasting shine. The hair will be very soft to the touch and will be larger and reinforced than ever. It is used both on dry and humid hair.

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pink oil Elixir Ultimate

Thanks to the imperial tea extracts it contains, this shine sublimating oil is ideal for colorful hair. It brings shine, protection and softness in all lightness. Hair is nourished and protected from heat up to 230 ° C. This oil offers a 24 -hour perfume on hair and control frizz for 96 hours. it reduces breaks to the tips and facilitates the styling of rebellious hair. A must for colorful hair!

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With these tips and the use of these products, you will certainly be able to say goodbye to dull hair and let your hair shine in a thousand lights. We also offer you a few Routines at 10% discount to revive the shine of your hair. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write to us. Our advisers are always available to answer you!

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