Chronologiste : give your hair a youthful shine!

42% of women aged between 25 and 34 years old, care about their aging and this percentage increases with age. Unfortunately, the hair is no exception to the signs of age. This is why Kérastase offers a complete solution of the scalp to the tips to counter the multiple concerns related to aging. This solution? The chronologist range. Composed from sought -after ingredients, chronologist offers a sensory and luxurious experience to restore a youthful of youth to the hair!

Why chronologist?

Contrary to what one might think, there is no age to use chronologist products. At any age, several factors such as pollution or exposure to UV rays can affect the scalp and cause changes that are called an aging or relaxation of the scalp or hair. To find out if this is your case, you have to know how to recognize the different signs that justify this famous aging. These causes are presented a little lower in this blog!

The chronologist range is a regenerating range which will restore an appearance of youth to the scalp and hair in addition to slowing down the effect of time on hair. The most luxurious range of kerastase includes several desired characteristics such as hydration, nutrition, repair, fortification, shine, volume, control, etc. Certainly, it helps your hair find elasticity, comfort, shine and much more!

signs of aging

1) the drought of the scalp

Sebum production and cell renewal can slow down during hormonal changes. This makes the scalp squamous and rough, in addition to driving irritation. You will feel irritation and a certain roughness.

2) The sensitivity of the scalp

as the dermis thinks and the protective barrier of the skin weakens, external factors as prolonged exposure to pollution may cause redness, pain and itching. Thus, the scalp becomes more sensitive and fragile.

3) The scalp relaxation

The reduction of natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen caused by age and/or prolonged exposure to UV rays sometimes causes loss of elasticity at the level of scalp. This one wrinkles and becomes more malleable, which can cause discomfort.

4) Fiber's refesing

Due to a lack of vitamins, stress and exposure to UV rays, hair fibers may seem dull over time. A weak reflection of light leads to a lessened and a lack of real shine.

5) a more fragile fiber

Over time, the hair fiber becomes more porous and dry and the cuticle weakens since the production of sebum slows down. Thus, the hair becomes more fragile and brittle in addition to appearing rough to the touch.

6) A thinning of hair

During hormonal changes, hair follicles decrease while the level of proteins in the fibers drops. The hair then seems flat and soft, without volume or shape.

ingredients sought

The chronologist range derives its effectiveness from three star ingredients that will restore vitality and youth to hair!

hyaluronic acid

being the most powerful moisturizing ingredient to date in science, hyaluronic acid has the capacity to retain 1,000 times its weight in water. Wanted in the field of beauty, the key ingredient in skin care gives a filling and revitalized effect. Integrated into all the products chronologist , hyaluronic acid envelops the hair to provide it in depth hydration and revitalize aging fibers. It allows you to rekindle the dry and released scalp. Hair will find a youthful appearance and more thickness.


from the Pacific seabed, abyssine is a miracle regenerative molecule which revives hair fiber and gives it back. Capable of giving birth to life in improbable places, this ingredient with revitalizing properties repairs damaged hair and invigorates each wick!

vitamin E

Recognized as a powerful protective ingredient, vitamin E is a natural antioxidant. Indeed, it blocks external aggressions which weakens the scalp and hair. It improves blood circulation and elasticity of the scalp in addition to preventing damage caused by UV rays, pollution and free radicals.

The Chronologist range

The regenerating pre-shampoing

This detoxifying pre-shampoo is made with black charcoal, an unequaled ingredient to remove impurities. Indeed, it acts as a magnet by capturing pollution and all other particles present on the scalp and on lengths. It immediately restores the purity and radiance of the hair and scalp in addition to tone them. It is the perfect product to prepare for shampoo since it removes 96% more pollution particles than a regular shampoo.

it must be applied to wet or dry hair, massage then rinse well!

To get the regenerating pre-shampoint, it's just here .

regenerating bath

The regenerating bath is a purifying shampoo for all hair types. Using both hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and abyssine, this youth revitalizing shampoo removes all impurities and revitalizes from the root to the tip. It nourishes, hydrates and fills the hair fibers to restore force. The hair will be smooth, shiny and silky like never before!

To get the regenerating bath, it's just here .

The intense mask regenerating

The Intense Regenerating Mask is designed to treat devitalized hair in the face of the signs of aging. It will renew the hair and the scalp in addition to strengthening and regenerating the hair fiber. It will stimulate cell renewal while revitalizing the scalp for a purifying effect on the hair, and this, in addition to bringing softness and lightness to revitalized hair.

Unlike other masks, it must be applied directly to the root and on lengths. It will treat the scalp as well as the fibers! To get the Intense Mask Regenerating, it's just Here .

The thermal regenerating

The thermal regenerating chronologist is a regenerating styling care that revitalizes the youth of the hair. It refines the texture of the hair and gives it flexibility and lightness. Its delicate texture slightly hydrates the hair to give it a healthy and brilliant appearance. It provides heat protection up to 230 ° C as well as frizz control for 96 hours.

To get the regenerating thermal, it's just here .

perfume oil

Last step of your styling routine, perfume oil enhances the shine of hair and sweetness. The perfume wraps the hair with a sensual and subtle fragrance that remains in the hair for a long time while keeping its intensity. The hair is nourished, fragrant and sublimated!

To get the perfume oil, it's just here .

shopping all the chronologist products

In order to make the most of the range of the range, we offer Several routines at 10% discount on our online store. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write to us! Our advisers are always available to answer you!

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