Three new products Specific for hair with oily tendencies

The fatty scalp problem is certainly more common than you think. The divalent bath of the specific range is probably your favorite shampoo if you have a scalp with a greasy tendency. The good news is that Kérastase enlarges its offer for oily hair and now offers three new products in this same range, balancing clay, rehydrating mask and potentist serum. The products will be available from September 21!

Whys I have oily hair?

The mixture of sebum and sweat on the surface of the skin forms the hydrolipidic film. An overly excessive hydrolopidic film causes the fatty scalp. It can become excessive when a hormonal influx, stress or other factors stimulates the sebaceous glands too strongly. The sun, seasonal changes as well as the use of unhappy products also influence hydrolipidic film and sebum production. The sebum makes the scalp oily then, flows over the entire length of the hair, weighing it at the same time.

The sebaceous glands generally take 2 to 3 days to regain their normal sebum level after a shampoo, so it is normal if your scalp becomes fatty a few days after washing. However, if after only a day or two you notice a fatty appearance at the root, you have the hair with a fatty tendency. Washing your hair with unsuitable products can amplify the imbalance in the sebum cycle. This is why the specific divided range is made for you!

The specific divided range

Divalent products are made from amino acids, a duo of assets formulated to be in affinity with the keratin of the hair and thus regulate the sebum cycle and rebalance hydration. It is therefore the range to favor if you experience a fatty hair problem.

the balancing clay < /a>

Balanting clay is an incomparable weekly cleaning treatment! It allows you to clean and purify the scalp in addition to swinging sebum production. The freshness effect is immediate after its use since it contains menthol. It provides a root uprising effect which helps the hair to become fatty less quickly in addition to giving more volume. Balanting clay also treats sensitized lengths by nourishing them intensely. Its texture and foam are simply incredible! It is a real experience in the shower. It is a perfect complementary product in a rambling bath to do once a week.

to discover the rehydrating mask.

The potentist serum

The Potentialist serum is the 1st universal defense serum for unbalanced hair leathers. It is designed to swing and strengthen the scalp microbiome in order to counter its different issues. With a healthy microbiome, hair grows in a healthy environment and is therefore stronger. The serum preserves the protective barrier of the scalp, soothes it, calm and revitalize it. It has a root uprising effect and leaves the scalp cooler, stronger and healthier. It is a fresh serum with quick absorption that leaves no wet or fatty effect. Just apply three pipettes once a day for three weeks on a dry or wrung scalp. It is an excellent complement to any Kérastase range since it is a universal solution for all types of hair leathers and hair!

to discover the potentialist serum.

the divalent bath

The divalent bath is already part of the specific range and keeps the same formula, but is a beauty for this launch. Indeed, it presents itself under a new packaging. This bath is for daily use to balance and purify the scalp by regulating sebum production. It also treats lengths to feed dry and sensitized tips. It helps hair get fat less quickly while giving them softness and shine. It also helps to relieve itching of sensitive hair leathers. This is the shampoo you need to finally overcome your oily hair!

Routines ideal for the hair with a fat tendency . It only remains to wait until September 21 to get new products! To learn all the tips for oily hair, we invite you to read Our blog on the subject . If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write to our online advisers, they are always available to answer you!

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