New Kérastase night serum: the Cicanuit!

The best beauty products are those that work without our having a lot of effort! This is why the night serums are both appreciated, both for the face and for the hair. They work during your sleep to give a brilliant look to the awakening!

The nutritional night serum in kerastase is without secret one of your favorites: it hydrates your hair to make it soft and silky in the morning. Kérastase now presents a brand new night serum in its popular absolute blond range, for the care and repair of blond or designed hair!

Why a serum for blondes?

The hair that is suffered a discoloration is delicate and weakened, and it constantly needs nutrition and care to maintain their health and brightness. The Cicanuit serum is a serum without rinse at night which gives discolored hair the intensive regeneration and the hydration they need overnight!

Cicanuit serum

Designed to work on dry hair during your sleep, the Cicanuit serum is a simple night ritual to take care of your blonde. Like a rich night cream for the face, the serum is applied before bedtime and left on the hair during the night for deep penetration and long -term intensive repair.

The Cicanuit serum provides intensive nutrition that weakened fibers need to remain beautiful, vibrant, soft and full of life! The serum contains the moisturizer of a hair mask in an innovative and easy -to -use formula which requires neither washing nor anchorage.

treat hair, during the night

The night is an ideal moment to treat and treat hair. The average sleep of 8 hours allows the nutrients to penetrate completely into the hair and to deeply treat the hair fibers. The serum must be applied before the bed and it acts on the hair during the night for an intensive treatment!

A unique formula composed of powerful ingredients

The Cicanuit serum is the first night serum for hair composed of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the most powerful known moisturizer in science, it has the incredible ability to contain 1000 times its weight in water. It is a care ingredient appreciated by beauty enthusiasts, it brings a plump effect and a revitalized appearance to everything it touches, offering nutrition and hydration with discolored and sensitized hair.

The Cicanuit serum also contains From the Edelweiss flower. Coming from the glaciers of the Alps, the Edelweiss flower may seem delicate, but it is famous for its ability to resist climate and environmental changes. Already proven in care, the edelweiss flower is in the spotlight in the products of the absolute blond range, mobilized for its protective and antioxidant virtues for hair.

night serum: nutritive or cicanuit?

It is normal to question the difference between the two night serums in Kérastase. Nutrient night serum is a serum that will rather nourish the hair, while the cicanuit repairs it. Containers of key ingredients with different properties, the two serums do not do the same work on hair.

Upon waking, the nutritional night serum will leave your hair silky, soft, and light. The cicanuit will rather decrease the fake peaks and restore flexibility, lightness and radiance to the hair!

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<h4> <strong> a novelty to try very soon! </strong> </h4>
<p> The Cicanit serum will be available from August 1. The wait is almost over, you can soon try it and offer it as treatment to your hair. You will probably love it, with its divine smell worthy of the bottled spring! </p>
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