Fat hair: how to remedy it?

Although some would like, the behavior of our scalp is not something on which we have power. Itching, irritation, dandruff, redness, drought, or even large production of sebum, all these discomforts can be quite problematic for the person who suffers from it.

The scalp problem with a fatty tendency is more common than you think. Many of you are writing to know which products to use to help treat this problem. In all honesty, there are no miracle remedies, but there are certainly products and things that you can do to help you space your washes more!

How normal is it normal to have oily hair?

It is very important to distinguish between hair that becomes easy and normality. Some people are led to believe that their scalp is a fatty tendency if their hair becomes oily after 3 days of washing or more, which is not in reality. To give you an idea, the sebaceous glands take 2 to 3 days to regain a normal sebum level after a shampoo. It is therefore normal to wash your hair more than once a week. There is no magic figure. You can wash your hair when it needs it, but a washing for 2-3 days is completely acceptable!

However, if after a day or two you notice a fatty appearance at the root, this blog is good for you! We present advice and products for you, which will help keep its own appearance longer and space washes!

The best tips for oily hair

1. Lower the water temperature

Heat can be an activator for the sebaceous glands. If you wash and rinse your hair with hot water, it can stimulate the glands, therefore cause greater sebum production. We advise to wash and rinse the hair with cold or lukewarm water!

2. Use suitable products

When you have oily hair, you have to pay attention to the products you use. Too heavy, too moisturizing or too rich products are to be avoided. Also, you have to be careful to apply your products such as oils, thermal protectors and masks (except the hydra-front mask) only on the tips and lengths, especially not at the root!

3. Use the palms of his hands

We tend to believe that you have to massage the scalp as much as possible to dislodge impurities, but it is really not ideal. Massage the scalp with the tips of your fingertips stimulates the sebaceous glands and triggers, by the very fact, a greater production of sebum in the hair. The ideal is to shampoo by massaging with the palm of the hands.

4. avoid passing your hand in your hair

Have you ever noticed how many times you pass your hands in your hair in a day? For some people, this figure is very high! If your hair tends to get fat easily, you must avoid passing your hands as much as possible so as not to place more dirt there.

5. Wash your accessories

We recommend cleaning your brushes and other hairstyle tools about once a month to remove dirt and residues. This avoids bringing unwanted dirt in the hair!

6. Use dry shampoo

We always advise to use a dry shampoo to help the problem of hair with a oily tendency. Many very effective dry shampoos, such as Fresh Affair from Kérastase or the Perfect Hair Day from Living Proof, are available on the market. It will be your new best friend for Spacing the washing of your hair while having the hair of fresh appearance!

The best products for oily hair

Some products from the Kérastase range are specially made to swing the production of sebum at the root or even camouflage the fatty appearance! Here are the products to use if you have oily hair:

the divalent bath

The divalent bath is a shampoo that is made specifically to treat hair with more oily roots. It balances sebum production at the root while moisturizing the lengths and the tips. Normally after a few weeks of use you should see a good difference and even space the washes of an additional day!

To discover the divalent bath.

the balancing clay < /a>

Balanting clay is an incomparable weekly cleaning treatment! It allows you to clean and purify the scalp in addition to swinging sebum production. The freshness effect is immediate after its use since it contains menthol. It provides a root uprising effect which helps the hair to become fatty less quickly. Balanting clay also treats sensitized lengths by nourishing them intensely. Its texture and foam are simply incredible! It is a real experience in the shower. It is a perfect complementary product in a divalent bath.

to discover the balancing clay. < /p>

the fusioscrub energisters

The scrubs are hair exfoliants that will depth impurities, skins as well as product and pollution residues. They make hair extremely clean, which is ideal for cleaning in depth and leaving the hair cleaner! Removing impurities and cleaning the hair well is essential to fight against the fat.

We recommend doing an exfoliation of the scalp once a week. In addition, when you make a scrub, it replaces the shampoo! You have to start by massage the scalp, then add water to foam it.

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The hydra-depress mask

The hydra-front mask can be used according to light shampoo to be applied directly to the root and on the tips. It is a regenerating gel-soin mask which preserves the rebound of the fiber without weighing it down, refreshes the scalp and makes the hair soft and smooth. It helps the scalp to fight both against drought problems and sebum production problems.

to discover the hydra-abpaid mask. p>

The rehydrating mask H4>

The rehydrating mask is a mask with ultra-light gel texture for dehydrated and sensitized hair. It facilitates disentangling and reveals shiny and hydrated appearance hair in restaurants their quality. Although it has no direct benefit for the scalp unlike the hydra-front mask, it has been tested under dermatological control and is perfectly suited to sensitive hair leathers.

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the potentian serum H4>

The Potentialist serum is the 1st universal defense serum for unbalanced hair leathers. It is designed to swing and strengthen the scalp microbiome in order to counter its different issues. With a healthy microbiome, hair grows in a healthy environment and is therefore stronger. The serum preserves the protective barrier of the scalp, soothes it, calm and revitalize it. It has a root uprising effect and leaves the scalp cooler, stronger and healthier. It is a fresh with fast absorption that leaves no wet or fatty effect. Just apply three pipettes once a day for three weeks on a dry or wrung scalp.

To learn more about the potentist serum, we invite you to read Our blog on the subject .

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For clean dry hair and camouflage the fat. We advise you to use it the second and/or third days after washing to avoid having to wash your hair!

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There is also several routines for fatty hair < /A> Available at 10% discount on our online store! Although there are no miracle remedies, these tips and these products are certainly good allies to fight against the oily trend of your hair!

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