Dry shampoo: Kérastase or Living Proof?

It is probably the greatest rivalry in our entire product offer. What is the best dry shampoo, the Kérastase Fresh Affair or the Perfect Hair Day (PHD) of Living Proof? What is certain is that our customers love the two who have respectively 59 reviews for an average note of 4.6/5 and 25 reviews < /Strong> For an average of 4.8/5 !

We have tried the two products several times to give you our opinion on these two impressive products. We will therefore compare different aspects, both aesthetic and practical to help you make your choice, that is to say efficiency, price, smell, appearance and formats! This is our opinion, so it is possible that yours is different, because preferences and efficiency mainly can vary from one person and a type of hair to another!

Limited duration, it details at $ 48.60 for 206g instead of $ 62 , which is not a format offered By kerastase!

the smell

as for the smell, in all honesty, kerastase wins the race high! Kérastase has always stood out by the incredible smell of its products and once again did not disappoint us with this new product. The Fresh Affair offers a fresh and delicate odor that stays in the hair for a minimum of a full day! However, the smell of Living Proof is also interesting and delicate.


For those who love Pinterest styles and have products that are in the decoration of the bathroom, kerastase would once again win the battle in terms of appearance. Its wide bottle and vintage pink color are more fancy and more recall femininity.

The Perfect Hair Day is more neutral and more traditional. Its look is colder and less girly. however , you will surely tell me that the important thing is that it works, and not that it is beautiful!


if we linger with the different formats available, those offered by Living Proof seem more interesting, but we are shared. Kérastase offers two formats: a mini travel format of 34g, and a regular format of 150g. The difference between the two formats offered is quite important, and we find that the mini format of 34G could be larger.

As for Living Proof, it is available in three formats: a 52g travel format, a regular format of 112g, and a large format of 206g. This time, the travel format has a more attractive amount, but in our opinion the regular format should be a little larger, although it can last for several weeks. In addition, as mentioned above, the large format is very interesting and also very advantageous.

our verdict

In short, according to these 5 comparison points, we find that efficiency and prices are substantially the same, but we prefer the smell and appearance of the Fresh Affair, and the formats Living Proof!

your turn

After telling you our opinion on the two dry shampoos, we would like to hear yours! What do you think ? Which one is your favorite?

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