Behind the movement: Hélène Paré

The movement is free to be yourself and the slogan beyond the beauty of Parikart are led at arm's length by people who have at heart The well -being of others, especially that of women. Among these people, Hélène Paré, co-owner and founder of the company, works on a daily basis to assert this vision. It seemed important to us to share with you his motivations, his vision and his ambitions in relation to the movement.

What does that mean for you to see beyond beauty?

See beyond beauty is to see further than what the eyes can see. So not only the envelope, but being in its entirety. It allows less rigidity, less judgment and it gives way to the freedom to be yourself. It allows us not to try to frame in a standard that may not look like us. It gives us much more freedom ... Beyond beauty.

Why did you choose this name for the campaign and these values ​​to put forward with a company in a rather superficial area and based on beauty and physical?

We chose it precisely to try to create something that will be more in "the freedom to be yourself" than to frame in standards. Over time we realized that it is the perception of beauty evolving. It is different what I think today versus what I think about 20 years old. That's why. We wanted to get out of rigid standards and rather convey the freedom to be yourself, in all directions. Often trying to eliminate standards, it will create other standards. So by eliminating this standard there and saying for example that the artificial side is not good, they will create a standard which is very very very natural, to the point where you feel bothering to perhaps make your hair dyed, to receive injections or even make up, even if you do it 100% for you and it makes you feel good! But there is no reason to be that. There is no good, there is no bad. There is only what you are good at. What do you feel good with? And that's what we wanted to determine with this slogan. To be different and simply be us. We have always been. To use what suits us and not to try to frame in a standard which is often too rigid.

Is this a vision that Parikart has always had?

This is a good question. If I look at our journey, I think we have always had this vision because Parikart has never been the standard in the field of beauty. We have always been outside that. We created what we wanted Parikart to be. So I think freedom has been making it in this direction for a long time, in the business level, at the level of the company. No matter what people will think, no matter what people will say, is it good or isn't it? ... We never trust that . So I think it fits with what we have always been.

How is this vision demonstrated on a daily basis?

In recent years precisely, we have tried to get out of the structure ... because it takes structure and ways of doing things, but it is the flexibility that we added to all this over the years. In our daily life, if we can associate it with something, it is in movement. It is not to stay in a position that stagnates. When you stagnate in a standard, this is what we do.

Everything evolves, everything is in motion. The company is in motion. I think that today it represents what the slogan means because we have, in the structure, to improve things by having more flexibility, less rigidity. We tried to adapt with the employees, with everything that happens in the evolution.

Why is it important to do a campaign as free to be yourself and to get such a message?

I think the message we want to make is important because I think the human needs that. To live it ourselves, it is not always easy to frame in things that do not resemble us. What we want to convey with this message is to be free to be yourself, to have the choice, to see the possibilities and to create what we want. And that, for me now, is beauty. It is not to limit yourself to what others want, to what it should be. This is the message we want to convey and I think it will do good with the last years that we have experienced to talk about freedom instead of talking about executives and standards. It will decrease stress, I think, by many people.

What we want with this message is to create a movement in which people who feel good and who want to convey it support each other. I think it will precisely help reduce standards. The goal is not to pack the standards. There are all kinds, we leave them there. Now what do you choose? What's good for you? If you have lots of things in these multiple standards that suit you and well done if you are well with that. If we can create a movement of freedom, to have the choice to love ourselves as we want to be and to be open to all the possibilities that brings us ... This is what we want to do with this message -The.

What impact would you like this campaign to have?

All those who stick to that, all those that it joins and that it touches them, we are going to talk about freedom to be yourself. Like that, we are not trying to deconstruct something. Why deconstruct when you can build something bigger with many more possibilities?

This is a bit of the message we want to get across and those who want to join us to get it out, I think it can be very interesting.

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