Behind the movement: Sylvie Picard

The movement is free to be yourself and the slogan beyond the beauty of Parikart are led at arm's length by people who have at heart The well -being of others, especially that of women. Among these people, Sylvie Picard, co-owner and founder of the company, work on a daily basis to assert this vision. It seemed important to us to share with you his motivations, his vision and his ambitions in relation to the movement.

What does that mean for you to see beyond beauty?

See beyond beauty, it's not just to see with the eyes. It is to be aware of what surrounds us to make the difference. Even in things that are less beautiful, it is not just an envelope, it is not just a physique, it is people, it is states of being, actions and gestures.

Why did you choose the slogan beyond beauty and such values ​​to put forward with a company in a rather superficial area and based on beauty and Physics?

It always makes me laugh when we say superficial in connection with our field because I do not see it as superficial, but as essential. I have always calculated that yes, I helped people become even more beautiful, but to feel very above all. I helped people love what he saw and make sure that what we see of them reflects what they are inside.

Is it beyond beauty is a vision that Parikart has always had ?

I think it's not just a vision, it was intrinsically part of our personality from the start. It was done naturally, without asking questions. The beyond beauty was us. It has become obvious over the years that we were that.

How is it Parikart demonstrates this vision on a daily basis?

in our way of acting, in our way of being and listening to others. This is what emerges on a daily basis. In our desire to help others wait for the "beyond beauty" and to be more.

Why is it important to campaign free to be yourself?

Because you have to stop just seeing the standards. You have to be indulgent towards ourselves, towards others too. You have to give yourself sweetness. After a year as we have just lived, I think it's even more important. We need to realize what's going on around us and be a little more respect and indulgence.

What impact would you like to have with the free movement to be yourself?

What I would like is that it is viral. That it gives people to be more emphatic towards others, to listen to others and to themselves. I would like it to bring people to see beauty in each little thing and not in each exterior. Beauty in its simplicity, quite simply.