Blond Absolu: a treatment for blond hair

Blonde hair has the coast, but certainly need a lot of maintenance and love after discoloration. We give you our best tips and product suggestions in order to have silky and healthy blonde hair.

It is no longer a secret, discoloration can have great repercussions on the hair. Indeed, discoloration eliminates the layers of pigments and proteins which weakens, dries up and decreases the elasticity of the hair. Lightnings will also lift the cuticles to better penetrate the fiber which means that the hair will be more brittle and dull. The best solution to avoid these effects is to use suitable products that will allow you to treat your blond hair and repair it. You also have to make a wise choice in order to choose the hairdresser artist who will discolore your hair. At Parikart, our artists make sure to use good products and do it in the right way to avoid damage!