Blond Absolu: a treatment for blond hair

Blonde hair has the coast, but certainly need a lot of maintenance and love after discoloration. We give you our best tips and product suggestions in order to have silky and healthy blonde hair.

It is no longer a secret, discoloration can have great repercussions on the hair. Indeed, discoloration eliminates the layers of pigments and proteins which weakens, dries up and decreases the elasticity of the hair. Lightnings will also lift the cuticles to better penetrate the fiber which means that the hair will be more brittle and dull. The best solution to avoid these effects is to use suitable products that will allow you to treat your blond hair and repair it. You also have to make a wise choice in order to choose the hairdresser artist who will discolore your hair. At Parikart, our artists make sure to use good products and do it in the right way to avoid damage!

blond hair tips

1. Use a purple shampoo

It is suggested to make a purple shampoo once in two alternating with another shampoo or when necessary. The purple shampoo will neutralize the yellow or copper reflections. The break time varies according to each blond, it all depends on the intensity of the cold reflection that we are looking for. The longer, the more freezing the reflection.

2. Nourish her hair in depth with a mask

as mentioned above, blond hair is often drier and more porous due to discoloration. To remedy this problem, they must be given a good dose of deep hydration. The application of a mask per week will be effective in restoring softness and flexibility to hair. The ultra-violet mask of kerastase is perfect for neutralizing false reflectors and nourishing intensely at the same time.

3. Protect your hair from the sun

Exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt can have repercussions on blond hair. Indeed, UV rays can damage them, chlorine the green them and salt dehydrate them. Exposure to prolonged sun can make your hair dry and develop copper reflections on your blonde coloring in cold tones. To protect them, simply use products adapted to such conditions such as the Kérastase Soleil range. The products contain UV filters that protect hair from salt, sand, chlorine and UV rays. The cicaplasm of the absolute blond range is also a perfect option for blond hair since it also contains UV filters that protects daily from oxidation and pollution deposits. >

4. Use a night serum

It is during the night that our body is repaired, renews itself and strengthens its cells from the inside. The average sleep of 8 hours allows the nutrients to penetrate completely into the hair and to deeply treat the hair fibers. Kérastase cicanuit serum is perfect for discolored or designed blond hair. It provides intensive nutrition that weakened fibers need to remain beautiful, vibrant, soft and full of life.

The absolute blond range

Kérastase offers a full range dedicated to blond hair that protects and neutralizes false reflectors.

Light bath H4>

The light bath is an illuminator hydrating shampoo. The gel texture gently cleanses discolored hair, detoxified from pollution and eliminates all external attackers. It hydrates from the root to the point and leaves the luminous and light hair. It is the perfect shampoo to provide depth and effect in your hair.

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the Ultra-Violet bath < /Strong>

Ultraviolet bath is a purple anti-false purple shampoo ideal for gray or cold blond hair. It protects from daily oxidation and pollution. It neutralizes the false yellow or copper reflections and brings shine to the hair. Unlike certain purple shampoos, it does not dry the hair.

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The cicaflash fondant is an intense strengthening care with cream texture and a lavender shade. It offers restorative properties of a mask but has the texture of a conditioner. It reconstructs the hair fiber from the inside and protects from erosion and future breakage.

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The Ultra-Violet mask < /Strong>

The ultraviolet mask is a purple anti-false purple mask. It is ideal for neutralizing yellow reflections of cold or gray blond hair. It nourishes the fiber intensely and makes hair soft. It protects against oxidation and daily pollution. Even if it is a mask, it can be used daily as a neutralizer afterwards since it is not too heavy for the hair.

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the cicaplasm

The cicaplasm is a universal thermo-protective serum to 230 ° C . It offers complete care in an uninformed serum. It nourishes and protects blond hair. It strengthens and smooths the fiber instantly to prevent breakage. It is used both on damp hair and on dry hair or as a night serum to repair sensitized hair. It's an essential!

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the cicaxtrême range

The cicaxtrostal range of kerastase has been added to absolute blond to offer a treatment treatment for freshly discolored hair or to be added to a routine for blond hair. It is a light range that suits all hair types.

the cicaxtrême bath < /a>

The cicaxtrême bath is a cream shampoo that nourishes, strengthens and hydrates the hair in depth. Despite its creamy texture, it turns into a smooth foam in the shower. It makes hair stronger, softer and more flexible.

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The Cicaxtrême mask < /a>

The cicaxtrême mask is an ultra -repairer treatment that regenerates the hair fiber in depth after a difficult treatment as a discoloration. It helps reduce breakage and leaves the hair stronger and more shiny.

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Cricaxtrême oil

The cicaxtrol oil is a concentrated and powerful oil that instantly takes care of blond hair. Its purpose is to close the cuticles and work deep to strengthen the fibers. It is used both on damp hair to enhance the shine as on dry hair in finish touch to protect the hairstyle.

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To take care of blonde hair from A to Z, we offer you Complete routines on our online store. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write to us. Our advisers are always available to answer you.