Reflection: caring for coloured hair

Colorful hair requires an investment in money, but also in maintenance. This is why we want to do everything so that the coloring remains beautiful as long as possible. We present to you our best tips and products to ensure the longevity of the radiance of your color.

permanent coloring is a technique based on oxidation of hair. With ammonia and oxygenated water, the new color is fixed. As its name suggests, the coloring will not erase, the demarcation will only be seen at the root during hair regrowth.

Tips for colored hair

1. Use products for colored hair

Battled and colorful hair needs very special attention because it has been weakened. Without specific care, color is much faster. Use good suitable products is the basis of a color that continues. Products designed for colored hair will act as a hydrating and protective for color.

2 .. Nourish your hair with an oil

The application of an oil helps repair damage due to color treatments. It prolongs the radiance of your coloring avoiding making it dull. It fights drought due to recurring drying or the products present in coloring . ultimate kerastase pink oil is an oil that is perfect for dull and colorful hair. Pink oil also visibly reduces the break at the ends of the tips and provides anti-frytis protection.

3. Protect your hair from UV rays and external aggressions

Days at the beach or the pool are not the best friends of colorful hair. Indeed, the water will open the scales and UV rays, salt, chlorine, sand and wind attack hair fiber and help damage the protective film. All these attacks can make hair dry, dull, rough and brittle. Especially since the colored hair is fading faster since the open scales let the pigments escape. It is therefore good to integrate into your routine the use of UV protection for hair, such as Sublime UV cream of kerastase . Applied to lengths and tips, it offers sun protection and prevents drying and frizz. The reflection range of kerastase also contains filters UV and this is the range to use to maintain a beautiful color.

4. Finish a shower with a jet of cold water.

The use of too hot water during the shower will tend to open the scales. Thus, the colorful hair is faster since the open scales let the pigments escape. If you want to wash with hot water, you simply finish a jet of cold water to close the scales.

The reflection range of kerastase

the chromatic bath without sulfate

Chromatic bath is a sulfate -free shampoo for colored hair specially designed to protect them. It neutralizes harmful water particles, gently cleanses colored hair to protect and preserve a healthy color, while hydrating the hair.

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the rich chromatic bath

rich chromatic bath is a shampoo for colored hair specially designed to provide sun protection for colored hair. The color protector shampoo is infused both with UV filters and vitamin E to provide sun protection to hair, to protect and maintain a long -term shine and shine.

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the chromatic fondant H4>

The chromatic fondant is a hydrating conditioner for colored or designed hair. It brings shine to dull hair and contains technology to stabilize coloring agents on fiber. It also contains UV filters and vitamin E to protect hair from external aggressions.

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the chromatic mask

Chromatic mask is a mask for colored or designed hair. There are in two versions: thick hair < /a> and fine hair . It protects from external aggressions and prolongs the brightness of the color up to 40 days, while providing softness and flexibility to the hair.

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chromatic fluid H4>

The chromatic fluid is a stoned essence softening for colored or designed hair . It contains UV filters, protects the hair from external aggressions while nourishing and bringing softness and flexibility to the hair. Oils present in this serum contain an anti-frytis action making this spray a perfect serum for frizzy hair.

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the ultimate elixir oil

Ultimate Elixir Rose Oil is a multi -using care oil for colored hair. It nourishes hair and protects from heat up to 230 ° C. She scents the hair for 24 hours and controls Frisottis for 96 hours. This oil reduces breaks to the tips and facilitates the styling of rebel hair. In short, it is the perfect oil for all occasions since it is used both on damp and dry hair.

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We offer Complete routines for colorful hair on our shop in Line to allow you to make your color last as long as possible. If you have more questions do not hesitate to write to us, our advisers are always available to answer you.

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