The 4 best ways to prolong your tan

Do you spend hours brown in the sun in order to have a beautiful tanned complexion and you want to make your tan last as long as possible? We give you the best things to extend your tan even after the end of summer!

1. Wash with a hydrating shower gel

It is very important to wash by returning from a day to the sun. First to remove all sunscreen filters, but also to prepare the skin for the next steps such as exfoliation and the application of a after-sun treatment. Using a soft and hydrating shower gel will help soothe the skin warm in the sun instead of irritating it more.

Micellar post-Sun Shower of Esthederm

the micellar molecules present in the micellar shower jelly of Esthederm remove all traces of solar filter, salt, sand and chlorine. This is a very soft way to clean and soothe the skin without irritating it. In contact with water, the jelly turns into creamy foam. Results? The sensations of discomfort are reduced and the skin is hydrated and sublimated.

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2. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliants not only eliminate dead cells from the epidermis, but also to unify the complexion. Contrary to what one might think, exfoliation prevents the accumulation of dead particles on the surface of the skin, thus avoiding having a non-homogenic tan and a dull complexion. A scrub also makes it possible to optimize the action of moisturizers that we will apply later.

Sweet cell water scrub

The Sweet Institute Esthederm scrub softens and sublime the skin. It offers optimal hydration and comfort. It exfoliates gently and eliminates toxins and deep impurities. In addition, the product promotes microcirculation and sublimates the epidermis. It is advisable to do it 2 to 3 times a week. We recommend applying it to dry skin, then it will turn into milk in the shower!

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3. Hydrate your skin

It is super important to hydrate your skin morning and evening, even more after exposure to the sun. Even without sunburn, the skin is dehydrated and needs a boost to regain its hydration. good nutrition will help your skin to rebuild the skin barrier and make your tan last.

cream Cellular water esthederm

The melting cream of cell water is a light cream for normal to dry skin which provides 8 hours of hydration. It optimizes the circulation of water in the epidermis, among other things, thanks to the cell water patent it contains. Following its application, the skin is intensely hydrated, quenched, resourced and vitalized. It is also protected from external aggressions and drying.

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4. Apply after-sun treatment

The purpose of after-sun care is to rehydrate the skin following an exposure to the sun. They will appease and refresh the epidermis, but also activate the bonzage process. Indeed, they contain assets which will stimulate the melanocytes of the skin (responsible for pigmentation), which extends and accentuates the natural tan.

Esthederm tanning

The moisturizer of this after-sun rehydrates the skin to restore comfort. It avoids the design of the skin in addition to prolonging the radiance and the outfit of the tan. The skin will then be softer and brighter.

This after-sun milk contains the cell water patent, which optimizes cellular metabolism and the effectiveness of care, the intense soothing complex as well as adaptasun technology, which will help prolong the tan in addition to making it darker, faster.

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We assure you that if you follow all these steps, your tan will be sublimated and will last much longer than usual. You can find all the products previously named to .

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