Discover the 3 large benefits of marine collagen

Did you know that collagen is the main protein in our body? It can be found in most fabrics like bones, skin, muscles and tendons. In addition to being essential to our body, collagen plays a key role in terms of skin, nails, hair and hair joints.

from the age of 25, Collagen produced by our body decreases by 1.5% each year which reduces collagen to only 55% at the age of 50 years. Fortunately, the consumption of marine collagen makes it possible to slow down the aging process and to provide several benefits to the body.

Here are 4 benefits of adding marine collagen to your routine:

1. Young appearance skin

When the body does not produce the amount of optimal collagen, undesirable effects can appear in the face. The appearance of wrinkles, dry skin and lack of radiance can be negative effects linked to the lack of collagen in our body. According to studies, Marine collagen consumption has several skin health benefits. The addition of collagen to its routine keeps a more flexible, firm and hydrated skin. In addition, collagen supplements make it possible to promote the healing of the skin which leaves a more radiant and uniform complexion.

2. Stronger hair and nails

When the body lacks collagen, it is very likely that the hair becomes dull and the nails will break more easily. Since the Marin collagen is rich in amino acids, it promotes growth and strength of these. Result, your hair and nails will be shiny and healthy thanks to the supplements of marine collagen.

3. Best joints

The more time advances, the more painful and steep our joints become. Collagen , representing 90% of the composition of the bone frame, plays a very important role with regard to joints and cartilage. From the age of 25, the body produces less and less collagen, which can cause the degradation of the joints. It is therefore essential to add an additional collagen to our routine to maintain joint health and reduce the depreciation of the joints.

Collagen Bend Beauty

Marine Bend Beauty collagen has been specially created to optimize the health of the inside to the outside. This collagen contributes to the protection of the skin against the decline linked to age by promoting the production of healthy collagen in the body. As mentioned above, it allows to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails in addition to helping healing . >

Marine collagen is offered in 3 flavors; Coconut, strawberry and flavorless , which are perfect to add to a smoothie, coffee, glass of water or even your recipe for energy balls.

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