K18 vs Olaplex: which to choose for my damaged hair

We talk about K18 as the" New Olaplex ". But is it really up to this brand that has dominated the slot of damaged hair for years? Is there really something better than Olaplex to repair damaged hair ..? If we can give you a little idea of ​​what we think of it, K18 is now available on our online store and in our salons ... < /p>

What is olaplex and how does it work?

Olaplex was a revolutionary novelty when it exploded for the first time on the hair care scene in 2014. This brand offers a range of products to repair damaged hair by reconnecting the disulfide bridges which are easily broken by the Use of hot or discoloration tools. All this is possible thanks to their patented ingredient, the bis-aminopropyl diglycol Dimaléate . Its spectacular results are the reason why these products have become adored by consumers and popular with hairstyle artists.

According to Olapex, their breedy ingredient " considerably improves hair force, protects them from the inside and provides immediate results for all hair types ".

Olaplex has a full range of products, some of which are used only in salons. The Olaplex product which is compared to K18 is mask no 3.

What is the difference with K18?

K18 has newly arrived on the market and is starting to take more and more popularity in Quebec. We took the time to test it well to finally add it to Our product offer Since our expectations have been widely exceeded.

If you are looking for a product that will change the texture of your hair, offer the shine of sweetness and a stronger hair sensation , you will love K18.

K18 is capable of reconnecting keratin chains that make up the internal hair structure. K18's bioactive peptide imitates the natural structure of keratin construction blocks (amino acid sequences) in the hair. K18PEPTIDE is also able to repair all damaged disulfide links - as does OLAPLEX - During the process.

Basically, this means that thanks to its K18PEPTID key ingredient, the e Product replies the internal hair constitution to bring damaged hair to their original state.

What is even more incredible with K18 is that it can repair damaged hair as little as four minutes . It must be applied to hair wrung after the shampoo and not rinse. It is important not to put in conditioner to allow the K18 mask to penetrate well!

Before we tried the products, we were convinced that it was too good to be true. We must admit that we had twisted all over the line. K18 is an incredible product!


So what are the main differences between the two?

The two products seem to affect and repair hair at a deeper level than other treatments or revitalizing. The difference between the two is that the repair of the links using Olaplex has more structural impact at the surface level, while repairing polypeptide chains using K18 acts on the internal nucleus of the hair.

What is the favorite at Parikart?

For speed, K18 prevails because of its ultra rapid impact on hair, but Olaplex offers a greater variety of products.

We use the 2 brands in salons since they have several additional benefits and the hairdressers have different working methods. The two products definitely offer incredible results. If you want to try K18 and understand why this product is unanimous since its release, right click here!

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