The real mulberry silk pillowcase - Champagne

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Maintains hydration of skin and hair

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Makes skin smoother and more beautiful

Reduces frizz

Learn more about silk, its benefits and how to make the right choice for your pillowcase in this blog .

Recognized for its many virtues, silk is increasingly sought after in beauty care for its benefits for the skin and hair. Being 3 times less absorbent than cotton, silk helps maintain the hydration of hair and skin in addition to absorbing your beauty products much less. Its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic sides allow the skin to remain smoother and more beautiful while hydration makes it more supple, which delays its aging. As a bonus, its freshness and softness improve the quality of your sleep, great isn't it?

* To find out everything about caring for your silk pillowcase, consult this blog . Silk pillowcases are NON-EXCHANGEABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE for hygiene reasons.

Queen: 51cm X 76cm / King: 51cm X 91cm

What is Momme? (Mom)

Momme refers to the weight of silk, which reflects its quality and durability. The higher the momme level, the thicker and higher quality the silk will be, and therefore more durable. The most common momme levels for pillowcases are 19mm or 22mm, which makes this 25mm pillowcase a high quality pillowcase.


- 100% real mulberry silk

- Thick and ultra-strong premium quality silk 25 momme grade 6A

- Improves sleep quality

- Makes the skin smoother and more beautiful

- Maintains hydration of skin and hair

- Reduces frizz and leaves hair more beautiful when you wake up

- Maintains the suppleness of the skin

- Delays skin aging

- Makes hair silkier

- Absorbs beauty products less than cotton or other fabrics

- Natural heat regulator

- Reduces friction

- Reduces static electricity

- Anti-bacterial

- Hypoallergenic

- Professional quality embroidery

- Machine washable

- Zipper to prevent the cover from slipping

- Certifications: Oeko-Tex standard 100, GRS, CQC


Queen size. Made from premium 25 momme silk, Parikart pillowcases have been crafted with enormous attention to detail to give you the best product. From the quality of the silk to the strength of the seams and the meticulousness of the embroidery, nothing has been neglected. Treat yourself to a durable product to improve the quality of your sleep, the health of your skin and hair, in addition to adorning your bed and your decor with a chic, natural and elegant accessory.


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