different experiences, only one definition

"To allow you to be yourself, it's beautiful. Much more than a you are beautiful . »

Cassandra Bouchard

Cassandra Bouchard is youtubeuse and author. Her transparency and honesty make her a true and authentic person. Through her book and her daily actions, she tries to undo the perception of perfection that we find on social networks.

And if going back to the start was the solution to start accepting?
- Here is the beauty according to Cassandra

naadei Lyonnais

Host, model, singer-songwriter, singer and much more, Naadei is a very assumed person who leaves no barrier biting her authenticity. It is proud to represent the black community and send an important message that is transposed throughout cultural diversity.

"Gaining self -confidence is the fight of a life. »
- Here is the beauty according to Naadei

Anne-Marie Ménard

Transmit knowledge and bring people to a complete well-being: it is the mission of the professional in sexology Anne-Marie Ménard via her monthly support on sexuality and her presence on social networks. She encourages people to take care of them and to love each other deeply in order to have a fulfilled sex life.

"The only standard we should have is that of acceptance"
- Here is the beauty according to Anne-Marie.

Trudy Simoneau

overflowing with joie de vivre, the singer and model Trudy is a great fanatic of nature and simplicity. Efficient in an environment where appearances are often prioritized, his confidence is challenged regularly.

confidence, success, acceptance ... where to start
- Here is the beauty according to Trudy.

Marialye Trottier

Bringing women to surpass themselves and feel good is the work of the Marialye coach. The fitness coach is recognized to be an expert in female transformation. She does not put on physical appearances, but on all that a woman can accomplish when she is good with herself.

fully assume, the first step to learn to love yourself.
- Beauty according to Marialye

Julie Munger

Sparkling, electrifying and dynamic, Julie is a make -up artist and a content designer very appreciated by the Quebec public. She wants to break the standards and bring people to consider normality rather than difference.

One day, we will only speak of normality, and not of diversity.
- Here is the beauty according to Julie

Karine Champagne

author, entrepreneur, triathlete and former journalist and television host, Karine realizes herself in several facets of her life. Now a land camp instructor, Karine brings people to enjoy the little pleasure of life and feel fulfilled.

"Beyond beauty, it is a call for action. »
- Beauty according to Karine

Hélène Paré & Sylvie Picard

Carriers of the message beyond the beauty of more than 27 years, Hélène & Sylvie are the two co-owners and founders of Parikart. Women accomplished by their personal and professional experiences, they are tanned from the message transmitted by the field of beauty and finally present to you their own definition of beauty.

"allow you to love you. »
- Beauty according to Hélène and Sylvie

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