Here's why people are crazy about Kérastase's Soleil range!

Summer is a stone's throw away, and we can only do something to say goodbye to cold times for a few months!

With the return of summer comes the return of the famous range of Kérastase Soleil products , a star range during the summer! Are you looking for products to take care of your hair during the summer period? These products are what you need!

The full range contains 4 products, or a bath , a mask , a oil as well as a cream , all to offer you hair worthy of a mermaid this summer!

 Suns range kerastase

The effect of the sun on hair

The sun and water degrades the first layer of the hair fiber, which makes the hair fiber less protected , therefore the attacks attack the cuticles! s years protection, UV rays are therefore free to enter hair, which damages it.

How is the sun range good for hair?

The sun range contains coconut, vitamin E and UV filters. The coconut will hydrate the hair in depth, while vitamin E will protect the hair from aggressions and humidity! Then, UV filters absorb UV rays to reduce their effects on hair fiber.

Soleil products will therefore protect the hair from salt , sand , chlorine , and UV rays .

Sun products

Le Bain Soleil < /H4>

Sun bath in kerastase is a very hydrating product for hair that removes all products from products such as sunscreen and even chlorine and salt! It protects the hair from UV rays and protects against humidity!

Whether you have fine, thick, dry or oily hair, this product suits you! It removes all hair products from hair and hydrates hair without weighing it down!

See the sun Bath


the after-sun mask

If you have dry hair, especially after sun exposure, the Kérastase after-sun mask is an ultra-nourishing mask Who regenerates hair to protect it from UV rays and external aggressions present in summer!

This mask is ideal for normal to thick hair that need 'Hydration!

See the Sun. >

Sun range kerastase after sun mask

Sirène oil

Siren oil is probably one of the favorite products of summer! If your summer passout hairstyle is beachy and sunny, siren oil will probably be your favorite hair product! It contains oil, which hydrates the hair, protects it from the sun and humidity and gives them a defined look and close to the face!

She leaves in her hair a great wet beach look, ideal for hot summer days!

See siren oil

Sun range kerastase oil siren

Sublime UV Cream

Do you tend to have Frisottis and your hair swells with humidity? Sublime UV cream is a cream that controls frizz and humidity in addition to protecting them from the sun and making them shiny and soft!

Apply it without moderation before, during and after exposure to the sun!

See the Sublime Cream < /a>

SUBLIME UV Cream Sun range

The sun range will be your new essential for summer! It is important to protect your skin from the sun, but it is just as important to protect your hair!

If you need advice for your products, contact us on our platforms and our team will advise you according to your needs!