Parikart's feat is a first in 42 years at the prestigious Mercuriades competition!

Montreal, May 06, 2022 Span> - At the end of a gala evening bringing together nearly 1000 guests at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal, parikart was the first Company in the field of hairstyle and aesthetics to win a mercury in The history of the competition . The increase of $ several million in turnover, a drastic increase in profitability, a significant breakthrough on the online market, a complete restructuring of the pricing in the living room to allow equity between genres and increase the salary of its employees and the major social involvement of the company are reasons which led Parikart to win Mercury in the prestigious entrepreneurship category. As mentioned during the disclosure of the finalists, this category "represents the very heart of this competition. What the business world is in its root and also the very Quebec business sense. »

"Several women have come to see us to express their pride to see a business in our area win A price of such a large scale. It is an honor to be a winner of a competition recognized as that of Mercuriades and it is a life mission that we have accomplished by representing our magnificent field in the largest business gala in Quebec. », Hélène Paré, president and co-owner of Parikart.

 Parikart aux Mercuriades 2022 Hélène Paré Hélène Paré, filled pride and emotion at the reception of the price

"This reward is all the more tasty considering that the last years have been very difficult for Service companies and more specifically the hairdressing and aesthetics salons that have been severely affected. We hope to serve as an example and inspire more entrepreneurs in our field to initiate actions and innovate to promote the development of their business and to use their success for the development of a better company " , Sylvie Picard, Executive VP and co-owner of Parikart.

"The mercuriades competition recognizes the visionary spirit, the audacity and the know-how of Companies that have contributed to the development of Quebec and its regions for over 40 years. Our economy needs precursor and innovative entrepreneurs like Hélène & Amp; Sylvie de Parikart! In an uncertain economic and climatic context and an evolutionary labor market, these are inspiring models that we are proud to honor, but above all to radiate the whole Quebec business community ", announced Charles Billion, Chairman and CEO of the FCCQ.

about the fccq < /span>

thanks to its large network of nearly 130 chambers of commerce and 1,100 corporate members, the federation of rooms Commerce du Québec ( fccq ) represents More than 50,000 companies exercising their activities in all sectors of the economy and throughout Quebec territory. More important network of business and business people in Quebec, the FCCQ is both a federation of chambers of commerce and a provincial chamber of commerce. Its members, whether rooms or businesses, all of them pursue the same goal: to promote an innovative and competitive business environment. 2022 was a record year of inscriptions in the mercuriades

About Parikart span>

founded 28 years ago by Sylvie Picard and Hélène Paré, Parikart now has two beauty centers and an online store. Parikart Beauty on the South Shore of Quebec thanks to the two parikart salons space beauty and signature parikart located in Lévis and Saint-Romuald respectively. Its digital turn made in 2018 was at the forefront in the field, which allowed it to take a huge share of the online market in hairdressing and aesthetics.

the main mission of Parikart is to offer its customers the best. The customer is a priority and all decisions are made with this in mind. Parikart firmly believes that the most important is the feeling of well-being, satisfaction and confidence that a person who is well in his skin can feel. Parikart Beyond beauty ", because beyond beauty, there are people, there are emotions, there are talents, passions and there is much more than what is visible to the naked eye. The company differentiates itself by putting forward the freedom to be yourself as a definition of beauty as demonstrated by their campaign with several personalities who went around the web and the big screen from September to November 2021. < /span>

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