A further step towards fairness

why should a short hair woman pay more for a haircut than a man with the same length of hair? This is a question that the two co -owners Hélène & Amp; Sylvie had landed for many years before making the jump. Gender pricing is a way of think which is well rooted in the domain of beauty, but which seems less and less harmless when one dwells more.

Change of the pricing structure

Since the start of concepts of salons of hairstyle and multi-service salons, the prices are based according to sex. Women generally have higher prices for services than men. It is a pricing system that may seem logical if we consider that women often have longer hair than men, but which is not flawless or universal.

The result? Women often paid more to obtain the same service. It was before this flagrant situation of iniquity that we decided to change our pricing structure for the hourly rate. Just as the garage owners, painters or lawyers, are now loading in time rather than service in order to we Ensure that pricing is fair for everyone.

Thanks to this structure, the customer is just as winner as the company, and above all, no one is loser. The customer now pays for the service that has been rendered to him, no more no less, while the company avoids rates far too low or too much raised < /span> compared to the service offered. Our hairdressers and beautician artists also take advantage of it since they can devote themselves to their customers without having to serve different people at the same time.

Why do it now?

We have been thinking of making the transition for several years, but as our artists' schedules are planned for several months in advance, it was difficult to do the Change in a clear and structured way, without negatively impacting some of our customers.

with the closure of beauty salons caused by COVVI-19 in March 2020, we were able to set up and structure the new pricing method to make the change During the reopening in June 2020.

This change was a great success and we are proud to be among the first in our field to function in this way for greater equity! We hope to serve as an example in the field and encourage other salons to make this change so important in 2021.

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