Tips and tricks for healthy curls

You don't know what to do with your curly hair? Magic potions, shady natural products, grandmother's stuff ... Do you feel like you've tried everything, but nothing works for you? We have tips and tricks to help you find shiny and healthy hair!

The silk pillow pillowcase

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<p> The use of a silk pillow pillowcase is very beneficial for people with curly hair. As you may know, curly hair tends to need a lot of hydration since natural oils have a lot of difficulty moving and going to the ends, so the hair is drier, more porous and more porous fragile. Cotton pillowcases tend to retain hydration since they absorb 3x more than silk, which makes your hair dry and dull unlike silk that keeps your hair hydrated and healthy. You will also wake up with more defined curls, less intertwined hair and with less breaks since your hair will slide on the smooth surface of silk, unlike cotton friction. </p>
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The silk cap for the night

It is important to take care of your hair during the day, but it is also important to take care of it during the night. Silk caps are perfect for keeping beautiful curls and shiny hair when you wake up. Silk will allow your hair to preserve their natural hydration and thus give you resplendent hair. By not using silk cups, your products applied to bedtime are absorbed more by the cotton of your pillowcase. So, even if you apply several products, their efficiency will not be optimal. The cups are offered in several colors and patterns so that you can sleep in style.

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the microfiber towel

The microfiber towel makes it possible to dry the hair effectively thanks to its ability to absorb water. It allows hair to dry faster without leaving a feeling of dryness in the hair which is very interesting for people with curly or frizzy hair that needs good hydration. This towel prevents hair from stirring which avoids breaks, broken and dull hair. Since curly and frizzy hair tends to break more easily, the microfiber towel will have miracle effects. Your hair will also get better since the unpleasant frizzs will no longer be there to harm you. Your experience will be more pleasant with this type of towel since it is less heavy and bulky on your head so you can take advantage of it to do something else while drying your hair.

The use of good products

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<p> Did you know that on average women with curly hair in frizzy use 10 products daily to take care of their hair? The quality of the products is important to have results up to your expectations. However, it is not easy to find products specially for curly hair on the market and that is why Kerastase launches its brand new Curl Manifesto range. It was specially designed to meet the needs of people with vagued, curly or frizzy hair. The range contains seven products and four routines that have been designed for all types of curly hair. </p>

Good products allow you to have good results, and to reduce the necessary quantities, which are generally astronomical for in people with curly hair.

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Hair brushes tend to damage and break curly hair. Since curly hair is very dry and brittle, it is important to use the right technique. This is why the comb is recommended, because its wide teeth allow you to undo the knots without forcing the hair, which would have the effect of breaking it. Your hair will become more silky and shiny thanks to the addition of the comb in your routine. Also, the most effective technique is to untangle your hair with your fingers. You can apply a detangling product in your hair and pass your fingers in these as you would with a comb or a brush. You will keep the shape of your curls and not damage your hair thanks to the delicacy of your fingers.

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