Summer essentials

With summer which is fast approaching and especially the warmer temperatures that make us more than pleasure, we tend to rush under the sun very quickly! However, we must not forget to protect ourselves, as much our skin, as our face and our hair. Here are the summer essentials, little jewelry to include in your beauty treatment routine!

ranges such as Colorscience, Esthederm, Kérastase and even Sunenescape offer personalized products, which allow, among other things, to deal with various capillary or skin problems. Among these 20 products, you can certainly find a suit that suits you!

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For the face

The face is one of the most important parts of the body to cover. It is very important to apply sun protection on your face daily, even in winter! Protection helps to fight against signs of age and keeps a healthy appearance.

all calm tinted cream

The all Calm tinted cream is an ultra protective face for the face. It contains an FPS 50, which constitutes a barrier against the sun's rays. This tinted cream is ideal to apply as a daily foundation. If you need to protect your skin from the sun 100% for special reasons, this cream is perfect for protecting your cells.

See the all calm tinted cream

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<h4> <em> <strong> the UV Sunforgettable protector </strong> </em> </h4>
<p> <em> </em> This powdered protector is a trip to hang out with you. In your golf bag, in your handbag, in your car, in the beach bag, etc. You can apply it to the face, and even on the body when you don't have sunscreen at hand. Available in 3 colors, this powder protects from the sun with an FPS of 50! </p>
<p> <a href= See the UV protector Sunforgettable

The Total Eye eye area

The Total Eye eye contour is an essential product to camouflage dark circles, pockets and even fine lines and fine lines! It hydrates the skin and protects from the sun the fragile area of ​​the eye area. An essential to your makeup beauty products!

see the total eye fps 35

the tinted repair

do you want to protect your skin from the sun without harming tanning? The tinted repair bronz is also an excellent cream to use as a daily foundation to protect your skin from the sun. The FPS 25 protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, while stimulating tanning to help the skin develop a natural barrier!

See the tinted bronz

The solar protector No Sun

No Sun cream is the ideal cream if you want to protect your skin from all the sun's rays. Whether because of a sunburn or a fragility in front of the sun, this cream is suitable for all types of skins and builds a total barrier against the sun.

See the solar protector No Sun

the photo regular

The Régul photo is a special treatment for the skin which fights specially against pigment spots to help unify and illuminate the complexion. In addition to providing protection against the sun, the regular photo decreases the appearance of brown spots and hydrates the skin. It is an excellent cream to apply daily.

See the regular photo

If you want to be sure you have it for all summer, you can even get the unifying duo & amp; Illuminator which contains two regular photos and details at $ 145 (worth $ 178)!

See the unifying duo & amp; Illuminator

moisturizing cleansing wipes

Colorscience cleansing wipes are essential to drag everywhere with you during the summer! Whether to make up your removal or wash your face to remove the products, these wipes clean the face while moisturizing it!


for the body

The body ... who has never had a huge and very painful sunburn? From our very young age, we are repeated that we have to apply sunscreen and it is not lies! The 'sun exposure is the main cause of skin cancer in addition to accelerating the aging process of it. Fortunately, it is possible to protect the skin from the sun in addition to stimulating tanning!

silky mist 3 suns

The silky mist of Esthederm is a dry fog oil that protects the sun in addition to promoting tanning. This mist is perfectly suited to a moderate sun! It protects bad rays in addition to stimulating a natural skin tanning barrier. If you are looking to have an excellent tan, this mist is what you need!

see the silky mist

tanning oil 3 suns

3 -sun tanning oil is very similar to mist, but it protects and hydrates the skin more! Its more oily texture attracts the sun more! It is perfect if you want a bronzing of hell!

See the dry oil for the body

Solar care milk

If you prefer sunscreen in cream, the solar care milk from Esthederm offers a protection of FPS 35. Its silky texture hydrates the skin in addition to protecting it from a strong sun !

See solar care milk

Sun Sun SOS

The SOS Sun in Esthederm is a must to have with you! It soothes and repairs the skin after a sunburn or even skins which are only irritated by heat and external aggressions which are more present in summer. It hydrates the skin intensely and helps rebuild it!

See the SOS Sun

tanning extension

If you like to have a tanned and uniform complexion, the tanning extension is also an essential for you! It hydrates the skin to prolong the radiance and the resistance of the tan. It is an excellent product to use as a daily hydrating!

See the tanning extension

duo for intolerant skin

Do you have sensitive skin that tends to react to the sun? The duo for intolerant skin is perfect for reducing the sensitivity of your skin while tanning. The impulse bronz will promote tanning while reducing the risk of skin reactions, while the Sun Ultimate will promote the adaptation of the skin to the sun!

The duo is on promotion at $ 89 currently! (value of $ 108)

See the essential routine of intolerant skin

Duo Protection 3 SOLEILS

The 3 -suns protection duo Esthederm is ideal if you want to be tanning and avoid the famous sunburns! The impulse bronz stimulates tanning by reducing the risk of sunburn, while the adaptasun 3 suns hydrates the skin while protecting it from large exposure to the sun!

See the Duo Protection 3 Soleils

for hair

The heat and humidity of summer can dry and make dull hair, which is why the use of good products is important to maintain your hair during the summer period!

Just like the skin, the sun also damages the hair. It is important to treat your hair well to keep it healthy!


The sun's bath in kerastase is a very hydrating product for hair that removes all products from products such as sunscreen and even chlorine and salt! It protects hair from UV rays and humidity!

See the sun bath

after-sun mask

If you have dry hair, especially after sun exposure, the Kérastase after-sun mask is an ultra-nourishing mask that regenerates hair to protect it from UV rays and external aggressions Present in summer!

See the after-sun mask

sublime UV cream

do you tend to have frizz and your hair swells with humidity? Sublime UV cream is a cream that controls frizz and humidity in addition to protecting them from the sun and making them shiny and soft!

See the sublime UV cream

Siren oil

If your summer passout hairstyle is beachy and sunny, siren oil will probably be your favorite product for hair! It contains oil, which hydrates the hair, protects it from the sun and humidity and gives them a defined look and close to the face!

See siren oil

Curl frozen outline

The Curl Contour jelly of the Curl Manifesto range is an embellier-buckle gel-cream that will restore definition and rebound to wicks. It is the ideal product to put forward your natural curls during the summer to fully assume them.

See Curl Contour jel >

absolute refresh

The Spray Refresh Abosoli of the Curl Manifesto range is a light 2nd day that rehydrates, revitalizes and instantly reacts the definition of loops and the sweetness between washes. It is a must to restore hydration and shine to your hair during the summer.

see the absolute refresh p>

For feet

With the arrival of summer comes the exit of the sandals! Some people may be embarrassed to strip their feet due to certain problems, such as the bad smell or even the horn or chapters. Once you have tried them, you can no longer do without these two footlogix products!

Mousse against chapwords and crevices

If you tend to make horn or even have crevices on your heels, this foam in Footlogix makes little wonders. It decreases and deals with the problem, which gives a superb appearance to the feet!

See foam against chapses and crevices

Deodoring for shoes

The deodorizer for footlogix shoes is a must if you sweat in your shoes and it brings a bad smell! The deodorizing destroys bacteria that cause bad odors, which eliminates the problem!

See the deodorant for shoes


These summer essentials are everything you need to take care of your skin, your hair and your feet during the summer!

You don't know what to choose for you? Contact us , we will be happy to advise you!

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