Why apply an aftercare product?soleil

We often hear about the importance of applying sun protection during sun exposure, but what about the importance of using after-sun treatment? This treatment not only helps prevent premature skin aging, but it also repairs the harm of the sun in addition to allowing tanning to last longer. Learn more about after-sun care and discover our different options!

What is it?

An after-sun is a treatment that is applied to the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun, even if the skin is not red. Its primary goal is to rehydrate the skin since, following a long period of sun exposure, water is chased from cells. It is therefore super important to provide our skin with a good dose of hydration. Most after-sun treatments also contain a soothing formula to calm the pain and redness caused by sunburns, if applicable.

Postins are also designed to have a refreshing effect. The freshness of the product will soothe the skin that has been heated to the sun. Finally, if you want to prolong your tan, the application of an post-sun is essential since it helps not only to make it last, but also to intensify and sublimate it.

The Suns Esthederm

The after-sun care of the Esthederm Institute have several perfect patents and technologies to help cells adapt to the sun and prolong the tan. These are therefore ideal products for skin that has difficulty sunbathing.

Adaptasun technology

This Esthederm technology will stimulate melanocytes, these cells responsible for pigmentation. It will therefore help prolong the tan in addition to making it darker, faster.

The cellular water patent

This patented water, inspired by skin of the skin, is at the heart of all the formulas of the Esthederm Institute. Cellular water optimizes cellular metabolism and the effectiveness of care, in addition to preserving the youth capital of the skin.

repair technology

This technology has a high concentration of repairing assets. It ensures a renewal of collagen fibers for a younger and firmer appearance.


repair-Party-Soleil cream Esthederm

This anti-wrinkle moisturizer for the face repairs and protects the skin following exposure to the sun. The fine lines and fine lines are smoothed and the skin will be cooler and soothed. In addition, it helps to fix the tan.

This cream contains the cell water patent that boosts the effectiveness of your care and optimizes the energy environment of cells. It also combines adaptasun technology which prolongs tanning and makes it darker, faster with repair technology which contains a high concentration in moisturizing and regenerating ingredients.

Repair after-sun Face Esthederm Solar

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Sun Sun-Face and body milk

This SOS treatment for the body and the face soothes and repairs the attacked and reddened skins by the sun following an overexposure. Its soothing formula calms the skin and helps normalize responsiveness. The skin is rehydrated thus sublimating your tan. The cell water patent it contains boosts the effectiveness of your care and optimizes the energy environment of cells.

This milk also contains the intense soothing complex which calms and soothes the skin heated instantly in addition to the nourishing complex which hydrates and reconstructs the hydrolipidic wire of the attacked skin to find a feeling of comfort.

 Sun Sun SOS Esthederm Solar

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tanning extension-A post-Sun milk Strong>

The moisturizer of this after-sun rehydrates the skin to restore comfort. It avoids the design of the skin as well as to prolong the radiance and the outfit of the tan. The skin is softer and brighter.

This after-sun milk contains, such as previous products, the Cellular Water Patent, the intense soothing complex as well as adaptasun technology.

 SOLAR ESTHEDERM tanning extension

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The after-sun routine

This routine includes all products necessarily to provide your skin with the hydration and repair it needs after exposure to the sun.

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Routine after solar sun esthederm

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