"Allow yourself to be yourself" - Hélène and Sylvie

last April, we had the chance to spend an intimate moment with 9 women who opened up to us in all vulnerability in the context of the campaign free to be yourself. Women with different experiences and perceptions of beauty, but with a common definition: Beauty, is to be free to be yourself. bearer of the message beyond beauty for over 27 years, Hélène & Amp; Sylvie are the two co -owners and founders of Parikart. Women accomplished by their personal and professional experiences, they are tanned from the superficial message sent by the beauty world. they confided in the beginnings of the company, their vision of the field of beauty as well as their definition of beauty.

How did Parikart started?

Sylvie: We started working together in 1991 Hélène and me. We worked for someone else for three years. Then it was in 1994 that we decided, on an hour of dinner, to embark on business. We are parts dinner and an hour later, we opened a living room. (Laughs) We opened our first fair in our small village in Saint-Henri and then, a year and a half later, we opened our second branch to Lévis.

Hélène : having worked together is that, in our field, we did things the same way. There are several ways to see the hairstyle and the field, but we saw the same thing, the same type of services. We wanted to offer the best he had, even before opening our living room. I think that's what really united us and that we have found ourselves. That's why in a dinner, we said yes . I think it's the best thing to be together because we see the same thing. Basically, our association ... we have become spiritual sisters if we want. (laughs)

Sylvie : When people arrived in the living room, they found it funny because we had the same way of saying hello. It was as if we were synchronized. The door opened and we said both "hello" (laughs). It is our need, our taste that people, when they arrive with us, also feel at home and that they feel that they are the most important for us in the present moment.

Hélène : We wanted to offer this service of proximity to people and take care of people.

What is beauty for you?

Sylvie: For me, the definition of beauty is now today. It is to appreciate the present moment. What I find particularly beautiful is a child. A child acts without thinking, by intuition, by instinct. Without fear, it decides to walk, it rises, it leaves and it is not afraid of anything. For me, that's beauty. To act by envy, by intuition.

Hélène : for me today, it is vulnerability. I would tell you that this word did not even come out of my mouth a few years ago because I did not allow myself. I had a lot of responsibilities and all that ... I still have, but now, beauty for me is to allow me this vulnerability. To be able to say "I have to take care of myself, I have to ask myself."

Sylvie : It's important to do good without guilt. To make pleasures without guilt and fear of the judgment of others because we take time for us.

Hélène: I was forced to question myself and I would tell you when I had my children. Being young, I was a very shy person. I am the ninth of a large family so take the floor it was not in my strength because the situation made it. When I had my children, I would say that it forces us to bring out our strengths.

Sylvie: If I am good for me, the others will feel it automatically. This is where my evolution came ... I would say that I evolved faster.

should we listen to the opinion of others?

Hélène : even if I have a bad comment, it's not something that defines me. What defines me is what I am, my actions, my way of doing things.
Allow yourself to be free. Let yourself be offered what you want. This is really what we want to convey because that's what we did during our years. It is to see beyond beauty, but to be good and to afford what you want to be, what you want to transmit, what you want to become. To be free to be yourself.

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