"My only mission is to be the best version of myself" - Naadei

last April, we had the chance to spend an intimate moment with 9 women who opened up to us in all vulnerability in the context of the campaign free to be yourself. Women with different experiences and perceptions of beauty, but with a common definition: Beauty, is to be free to be yourself. Naadei is a singer-songwriter, model and animator that you can see at the helm of the new show Love Island. She is a very assumed person who leaves no barrier biting her authenticity. It is proud to represent the black community and send an important message that is transposed throughout cultural diversity.

What is beauty for you?

For me beauty is to be fly , to be beautiful, to be beautiful. I believe there is something indescribable that emanates from a person who is well in his skin. I think we can never say it enough. This is really what makes people the most beautiful, in my opinion.

How to take control of your own happiness?

Take control of his own happiness ... If I knew how we do that, I would be Theader (laughs). I would be the happiest, richest and most accomplished person in the world. I think it's a learning that is different for everyone. For me, it goes through balance, really a lot. Try to level up the ups so that they are a little lower and the stockings so that they are a little less low and be indulgent towards myself.

I realized this year that missions are really less important than you are. My only mission is to be the best version of whom I can be.

What thing would you give to a person who lacks self-confidence?

Gaining self -confidence is the fight of a life. I definitely have more self -confidence today than when I was younger. I came a lot with age. Tips so that it goes faster than waiting for 35 years let's put ... to do things that make you proud. My confidence has gone a lot through my achievements. When I say accomplishment, you don't need to become the Prime Minister of Quebec. It can be to finish something you started. It can be to have a good lifestyle. If you decide that at every morning you wake up and make fifteen minutes of yoga or you take a large glass of water with lemon juice ... whatever! When you are proud of what you do, I think your trust is growing in a proportional way.

What is the importance, for you, to propagate this message with Parikart?

We speak of a super abstract concept , very politically correct and we say to ourselves that beauty is inside and that the exterior is not important. It's been since the 90s that we do that and we are all still confronted to Standards that we have misery to be assigned. We all live with this little insecurity not to be up to par. As if our actions match not with what we say. So, I think it's time to reconcile the two and show different beauties. I think that's what is important. No matter how much we say, if we don't do it, that match not.

It is time that we see all the colors and all kinds. I found it really interesting that Parikart takes responsibility for carrying this message and not just saying it ... but updating it. I am here, and I am very happy.

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