Parikart finalist in the "Entrepreneurship" category at the Mercuriades!

"The entrepreneurship category is the very heart of this competition, what the business world is in its root and also the very Quebec business sense. »

- Mercuriades 2022

An important message for all artists and future artists.

"It's not paying to be a hairdresser. "You will not have a career in there. "" Find yourself a real job. »

We got it say, and unfortunately we hear it again!

to be a finalist in the entrepreneurship category with such beautiful companies is a huge "statement" for our field, and a good answer to all those who doubt it.

To those who want to work in the field of beauty, this appointment is proof that all the bad comments you hear are false. It is a great area where it is possible to perform and make a career. Believe in your dreams and work hard to reach them, you will succeed!

To those who are currently in the field, we share this appointment with you. Let us continue to improve the reputation of hairstyle and aesthetics by offering services like real professionals!

changes that have impact.

Parikart has stood out with its entrepreneurial side in recent years with several improvements and changes in its structure which have all had positive consequences for the company, for our customers and for the world of beauty.

Firstly, the complete change in the appointment of appointment and pricing of services allowed the company to offer a more complete and personalized service to its customers. In addition, this change has eliminated the inequity of prices between men and women. Parikart was the first company in the region to make such an important change and we hope to serve as a model for salons throughout Quebec.

Then, the digital transfer had a big impact for the company since it allowed us to revive post-Cavid fairs and to advance many projects, many of which are still to be unveiled ..!

In our opinion, entrepreneurship goes beyond sales. It is important for us to do our part in society and in the causes that are important to us. More than $ 40,000 in product donation and money were offered to various organizations that help women in need.

An 8th Excellence Prize in 3 years?

After winning 2 prestige JP concept trophies (2020-2021), the Kérastase Platinum Service Award (2021), 3 prices in Pleiades (2020 & amp; 2x 2021) as well as a price for the loyalty (2021), C ' is certain that the company would like to add the magnificent Mercuriades trophy to its collection.

"No matter the final result, we are extremely proud to put our magnificent domain of the front in the business world. We can never say it enough, thank you to our extraordinary customers for allowing us to accomplish all of this. »

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